Two weeks ago I held my last ever THRIVE event. It has been an awesome three years and I’m being inspired to host more intimate invite-only retreat-type transformational retreats for women entrepreneurs. Contact me if you want to be on the invite list.

THRIVE 2013 was amazing. I learned a lot. And since then I’ve been getting new clients ready for a year of powerful transformation for their business. I’ve also been super focused on family.

Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been a little quiet in the past two weeks.

After every uplevel, I am presented with the opportunity to reprioritize. What is really important to me? What am I learning? What am I resisting?

I’ve been focusing on my top priorities: me and my SOUL time, my family and serving my clients.

My assistant and I have been creating new systems in my business getting ready for more quantum growth this year and for 2014.

My sister and 15-month niece Adelyn (the cutie in all of the pics to the right) are here in Utah staying with me for a few weeks while my sister’s  husband is serving his fourth tour of duty as a Marine in Afghanistan.

I love waking up to the sound of my niece laughing. I love when she stands at the bottom of the stairs and hollers “Anga.” It’s likely just baby gibberish but I tell myself she is saying my name.

It’s those simple moments that feel like miracles in my life.

This past weekend my husband and I hosted a sleepover with my brother and his two boys, my nephews Zachy-Zach (who is now 4!) and his little brother 19-month-old Jackson. While my house was pure chaos, it was pure joy.

Life is really good. I’m basking in the joy of a successful event and new ideal clients who are so ready to take all of their gifts, including their soul purpose and intuition, and make money with it while they help a lot of people in the world. If you know it’s your time to step up your game and build your soul-inspired business, contact me for a strategy session.

In the past two weeks my sis and I rewired a dryer (proof in the picture above), moved out old furniture to make room for new furniture…my point? Never underestimate the power of two determined woman. My husband was out of commission with a sprained back so the chics took over all of the heavy lifting.

We celebrated our hard work by going to see our boyfriend (haha) Josh Groban in concert. More about that in next week’s article.

Surreal Moment:

I saw someone I used to work with in corporate several years ago at a local shoe store. She barely recognized me. She was grateful to keep her job a few years ago when the company we worked for was bought out. When she asked where I worked I told her that I own my own business and I’m a speaker and coach for women entrepreneurs. She looked at me with a puzzled look. I said “I know, who would have thought? It’s so amazing to be doing what I love.” It made me realize how far I’ve come in just a few short years.

I was the girl who was climbing the corporate ladder with my hobbies on the side. I was the girl who barely graduated high school.

Yet something inside of me knew I was meant for me. This takes me to my feature article this week about a secrete confession I have.

I have a confession.

I love watching X Factor. And American Idol. I cry when I watch it.

This “reality show” is a series of people auditioning to be discovered as America’s next music star. The judges grant a certain number of people to the next round where they audition again. The contestants get narrowed down and America votes to see who the final winner is.

Here is the moment I cry:

When someone who is auditioning doesn’t see their talent. They wait in anticipation for the judges to grant them permission to move forward in the competition. When the judges pass them to the next round, they are in complete shock.

I cry because it’s the moment that I see with so many women who attend my events and coach with me – it’s what I see in the real world…

People who are brilliant and they just don’t see it. They rely on someone else’s approval to be seen and heard.

It breaks my heart. AND I know what it’s like. I was in that spot of not seeing my own brilliance and relying on others’ approval. It was miserable.

My favorite thing is when people overcome challenges and keep trying because a part of them knows that they have talent and the SHOW UP to share their voice.

Like Carlos who has Tourettes Syndrome. When he said “I don’t want to be a sob story, I just want to be an inspiration,” I was on my couch crying like a baby.

I cheer for the underdogs.

I cry when the people auditioning share their authentic story.

There is a lot to learn from simply showing up.

Here are six tips to Show up with Profitable Power in Your Business:

1. Be open to feedback. But only to a point. You have to believe yourself more than you believe what ANYONE else says about you. AND you have got to be coachable.

2. Be yourself. Don’t imitate someone else. Be authentically you.

3. Show up even when you are scared. One of my favorite guys on X Factor was shaking so badly he could barely hold the microphone. His talent is off the charts. And he still got scared. Your fear level does NOT determine your talent.

4. You are always better with a mentor. Period.

5. Will you really do anything? Doing what ever it takes outweighs natural talent. You’ve got to have the goods but the power that makes you stand out is how hard you are willing to show up every time you fall down.

6. Be honest. Be honest with yourself and be honest with others. I am always annoyed when I see a couple of the judges who consistently WHIMP out and they sugar-coat really bad performances. They care more about being liked by the audience than really serving the contestant who deserves 100% honesty. The judges don’t serve anyone by telling someone what they want to hear verses what they need to hear to be better.

One of my favorite things I hear on the show is when a judge says “Where have you been hiding?”

That is my question to you.

have you been hiding?

Show up. Be bold. Take risks. Believe in YOU.

You’ve got what it takes. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even have the vision you have.