October Highlight

Our keynote presenter in October was Kellie Forbes of Accent Artistry. This mother of five, author, business owner and artist gave us a few insights to what she has done to be as successful in her five years of a small business owner. With almost one MILLION dollars of paid-for inventory in the life of her business and many other accomplishments, how did she do it?

It comes down to a few key points:
1. Never give up. Sometimes this means a lot of hard work but be consistent because hard work pays off.
2. Surround yourself with people who are supportive. If your partner, spouse and friends are negative influences, find some great cheerleaders to support you through challenging and celebration times. Most of all, be your own best cheerleader and know you are worth it to keep going.
3. It’s about cooperation, not competition. There are enough customers and resources for everyone. We simply accomplish more in less time and and with less expense when we collaborate with others, even with people in the same industry. Find people to cross-market and promote yourself with.

We are excited to see Zephyr Expressions, Kellie’s upcoming product launch, hit the market in 2009. Way to go Kellie!