Business Alchemy 26: It’s Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself with Veronica Strachan

Veronica Strachan is an author, speaker, coach and change expert. She spent three decades in health and human services leadership, IT, Education, Environment and Primary Industries, working across three states and directing national projects in Australia. Then, no longer content running other people’s companies, she started her own business, True Dialogue, so that she could have more conversations with purpose and run things the way she wanted to.

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Business Alchemy 25: How Judging Your Superpowers Interferes with Your Ability to Use Them with Shannon Hernandez

When Shannon‘s big desire was just to be able to take a bathroom break when she needed to and not have her “breakfast” be a fiber bar on a crowded NYC train to get to work every day, she knew that something had to change.
After being a public school teacher for 15 years, she started a business without even knowing what an entrepreneur was. She had followed the rules set forth by her family of getting an education and getting a reliable government job so you could have a good pension.
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