I hear a lot of people talk about how they “can’t” do their business, make more money, be happier, etc. until they know what their soul purpose is.

I used to be one of those people.

There are even systems and programs that will tell you what you what your purpose is. As convenient as this sounds, how can anyone tell YOU what your purpose is? Some experts even tell you that you won’t make money until you know what your purpose is. (I used to believe this too.)

Here’s a take on your soul purpose that will likely give you a lot more space to CHOOSE instead of pressure to get it perfect.

I had a “Soul Purpose” expert give mini Soul Purpose readings at my recent Ignite event because I know the power of this person’s work and how it highlighted some things for my own life that has been so beneficial.

Sounds a little opposite from what I just shared right?

And it was then that I realized something BIG. It wasn’t a Soul Purpose reading, it was a “Superpower” reading. Sometimes it is helpful to have someone else mirror back to us what they see in us. We often get soooo close to our own purpose and next step that we can’t see it.

We can feel it. We want it. But the clarity eludes us. Sometimes it’s that validation we get from someone who has our best interest at heart and we can see ourselves more clearly.

The big question I want you to think about is how can anyone tell YOU what your soul purpose is?

To rely on someone else to tell you what your purpose is, is to give your power away. You rely on that person to know you better than you know yourself. You hope that they get it right, instead of trusting yourself to KNOW for you.

This can also be a really convenient way to avoid accountability for KNOWING yourself. It will always be someone else’s fault if your life doesn’t work out.

This creates a habit of giving your power away. It erodes self trust. It breeds a way of existing on someone else’s truth instead of your own and this never ends well.

What if your purpose is to have, be and create joy? What if that’s it? And that is where the abundance comes from that you are looking for in your purpose?