What if it’s not your money mindset behind what’s showing up (or not showing up)
in your bank account?

What could change a year from now if you embraced new money habits?

If you were to write an honest letter to money right now,
what would it say?

This is my money recent letter to money:

Dear Money,

I’ve loved you. I’ve hated you. I’ve been let down by you.

I see that what I’ve really done is I’ve loved myself, hated myself, and let myself down – but I blamed you.

I’ve wondered why you’re not around all the time. I love when we create together.

I see that I’ve neglected you in some ways. I’ve ignored you.

I’m so proud of the inner and outer work I’ve done with you and I’m ready to create even more change.

I’m committing to having more of you around just because I choose it, not because I NEED it.

I’m choosing to trust you, to trust the universe, and to trust me with receiving more money without having to work so damn hard for it.

I’m done pretending that you aren’t important. I’m done settling and being comfortable. I’m ready to have more choices in my life.

I’m ready to be radically honest with you and about you. I’m committed to creating money flows that support my future and provide for my desired lifestyle NOW too.

I’m excited about what we can create and I’m ready to embrace a new relationship with you.

I’m also ready to stop blaming my mindset and create new money habits that support, honor, and nurture both of us.

Thanks for being in my life. I’m grateful for you. I choose you. 

With Love,

I’m dedicated to expanding my money flows and my relationship with money to be even greater and you’re invited to join me.

What’s The Alchemy of Money?

It’s a 12-month program to build practical and transformational HABITS to change your money while nurturing your soul.

Every month we will:

1. Create a New Money Habit:

Explore and implement a money habit and strategy to implement into your life and business. 

Each call will be live on Zoom and recorded for 24/7 access.

Calls will be no more than 45 minutes so you can focus your precious time on implementing habits in a safe community that is cheering you on. While you can join the program anytime and catch the recordings, each month the tools will build upon the last month so by the end of the year you can create an entirely different reality with your money.

2. Expert Training:

Learn from an expert who will share tips and tools on topics, including: 

– How to pay off your mortgage early
– Creating additional income streams through Airbnb, rental properties, and more
– Tips to improve your credit
– Bookkeeping and Accounting basics
– Tips to Profit First (based on the book Profit First)
– Paying off debt
– Tips for investing
– Healing ancestral money patterns
– Other financial education and empowerment
– The expert trainings may be live or pre-recorded depending on the guests’ preference.

3. Accountability:

Incorporate monthly accountability in a judgment-free zone. Accountability exercises will be guided so you are seen and heard, which is crucial to creating long-lasting change. 

4. Soul Nurturing:

Each month there is a tool to address your mindset and other blocks that may come so you nurture your soul in addition to expanding your bank account.

$347 USD or 2-pay of $180 USD

What could change a year from now if you implemented even a
handful of new money habits?

What could change in five years? Ten years?

The Alchemy of Money is a safe, shame-free and judgment-free space to be EXACTLY where you are with your money and to receive the guidance, tools, and education to change it.

Why am I running this program?

I went from having a very toxic and dysfunctional relationship with money to making major changes over the last several years.

Then in 2018, I wasn’t as consistent at doing the things I KNOW works to generate more money WITH EASE. 

Funny how we do that, right?

I spent the recent solstice break in December reviewing all of my numbers, including income, debt, investments, assets and I asked myself some honest questions, including:

Does this create the future I desire? 

Here are the things I’m actively changing:

I’ve racked up debt and paid it off a few times.

I haven’t been focused on “retirement” or additional income streams outside of my business.

I’m choosing to have more money in savings.

I’m choosing to invest money that generates more passive income now and in the future.

With all of this, I started looking at my money habits and choices to see if they matched the energy of what I’d like to create for my future. Some did and some didn’t. 

I’m dedicating myself to create new money habits and empower myself to create a greater financial future and I’m inviting you to do it with me. 

Lastly, I’m craving transparency with people talking about their relationship with money. I don’t care how much people hustle or 6-figure launches or how much money you’ve made.

I care about true wealth that nourishes my soul.
I care about having more peace and trust with money.
I care about spending my time on the things that matter most: creating, joy, family, travel, art, my work, writing, soul care. 

I look forward to sharing this space with you. 

What makes this program different?

It’s never about the money.

The phrase “I can’t afford it,” just isn’t true.

Yet, when the balance is low in your bank account or the balance is high on your credit card(s), it can appear that it’s about the money!

But really, it’s about the choices, beliefs, priorities, comfort level, and actions surrounding the money.

This program is eradicating the “I can’t afford it” excuse and building your self-trust to be the kind of person who can create whatever is important to you. 

The Alchemy of Money focuses on these attributes:

Habits vs Mindset:
This program is NOT focusing on mindset. Why? I find that many people do decades of mindset work, but they don’t change their habits, therefore their money doesn’t change or the change is temporary. We are focusing on building money habits. I admit, money mindset is sexier and while mindset is important, changing your mindset by itself, doesn’t create change.

Choosing vs Healing/Clearing:
We all know someone who had done a lot of healing, but still not creating the money they desire. Why is that? Healing and clearing beliefs are amazing things but CHOOSING something different and taking action is what creates results.

While this program is definitely soulful in nature, it’s focused on pragmatic actionable tools to implement.

And no, it’s not about pushing or hustling. It’s about taking aligned actions that are congruent with you.

Consciously Spend vs Default/React
This isn’t going to be about putting yourself on a strict budget. It IS going to shed some light on the why behind your spending and empower you to shift it if it’s not fulfilling you.

You’ll have the opportunity to consciously look at what you’ve always done as your norm to see if it’s really working for you and then consciously spend and invest.

Create vs Hope
What would change if you trusted in your ability to create what you desire instead of “hope” it will happen? The energy behind creating is active – YOU are the driving force behind it. The energy behind hope is a victim energy – it’s something that happens TO you.

What if you operated from the energy of creating the majority of the time?


Let’s take your money goals and actualize them!

$347 USD or 2-pay of $180 USD

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs who are looking for a holistic and practical approach to changing their relationship with money. 

You’ve likely done a lot of personal work and money mindset work and you’re ready to expand beyond that and create sustainable habits that create more ease with money. 

You’re ready to take full accountability and have radical honesty with yourself about your money. 

You’re also willing to love and honor yourself through the alchemical process of change.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join this program?

This program runs from January through December (2019). You can join at any time and you will get recordings of any live calls you’ve missed.

Is this program live?

The monthly trainings are live and the guest expert trainings may or may not be live depending on the guest expert’s preference.

How much money will I make in this program?

This program isn’t about making a certain number. You come to the program with your own targets and it’s entirely up to you what you create with them. The Alchemy of Money is focused on creating new and sustainable habits to create ongoing change with your money. 

I make no guarantees of what you’ll create or what’s possible.

What I can guarantee is that I’m doing the steps alongside you and as your facilitator, you can count on me to deliver transformational and valuable training and bring in knowledgeable and soulful experts to bring even more value to you. 

I can promise you that if you implement the trainings and do the steps, you’ll experience results. 

What if I would like more one-on-one support?

If you could benefit from private coaching, I recommend reaching out to one of the guest experts to inquire about their services. While I provide more business-focused (message, marketing, and live events), I don’t coach people privately solely on their money. 

The experts are dedicated to providing value, not selling you stuff on their expert trainings so you don’t need to worry about that. 🙂

What if it doesn't work? Do you offer refunds?

I can’t guarantee that this will work for you. WHAT? Because I can’t guarantee you’ll do the work. 

What I CAN guarantee is when you go through the steps, engage, ask your questions, and show up for yourself, you will see progress. How much progress? How big of results? That’s entirely up to you. 

Another thing I CAN guarantee what I teach you in this virtual workshop really works. I use it. My clients and students use it. 

Plus, I’m here to answer your questions in the Facebook group as you go through the steps. 

All of that said, I don’t offer refunds. The workshop is thoroughly laid out here and I deliver great content. 

If you’re not sure this is a fit for you, email me at team@angellajohnson.com with your questions and my team or I will reply as soon as we can. 

What is the call schedule?

The Art of Alchemy will kick off with a live call on January 25 at 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm London / 6 am (next day) Melbourne
Our live calls are on the first Thursday of the month, unless noted in the list below:

February 7 – 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm London / 6 am (next day) Melbourne
March 7 – 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm London / 6 am (next day) Melbourne
April 4 – 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm London / 5 am (next day) Melbourne
May 2 – 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm London / 4 am (next day) Melbourne
June 6 – 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm London / 4 am (next day) Melbourne
July 2  (Tuesday) – 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm London / 4 am (next day) Melbourne
August 1  – 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm London / 4 am (next day) Melbourne
September 5 – 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm London / 4 am (next day) Melbourne
October 3 – 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm London / 4 am (next day) Melbourne
November 7  – 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm London / 6 am (next day) Melbourne
December 12 (second Thursday) – 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern / 7 pm London / 6 am (next day) Melbourne

The expert trainings will be posted as the guests confirm with me over the upcoming weeks. 

$347 USD or 2-pay of $180 USD


Have a question? Contact me here.