Just be grateful for what you have.

Be sure to be humble.

Why do you need 4,000 square feet for two people?

Get a responsible job, starting a business right now is too risky.

Have you heard any of these things or things like it?

These are all things that have been said to me in one form or another as I grew up in a very humble environment living off of church welfare as a kid…

I was taught to be happy with very little. I can get by with very little. I can find joy without a lot of “earthly possessions.”

“Be grateful for what you have,” was the mantra. Real gratitude is amazing – it changes everything.

BUT, and there’s a big but here – when “gratitude” is used to dilute your desires or to tell you that what you desire isn’t possible or that you shouldn’t “want for more,” that’s not actual gratitude. That’s the lie.

As you read this so far, how does your body feel? Heavy? Or light? Maybe you relate? Maybe this is a foreign energy to you. Are you uncomfortable? Are you nodding your head in agreement? Are you getting ready to reply back and tell me how full of crap I am?

Interesting stuff can come up about this, right?

Asking for MORE and being willing to have it isn’t something that most of us are taught.

But what if you could ask for ANYTHING and trust that it will show up? Are you willing to receive it? To have it? And to ask, receive, and have without justifying how good of a person you are or that you’ll pay it forward?

What does this bring up for you?

Recently, my husband and I looked at a 4,000 square foot home that we wanted to buy. For just the two of us. We were judged. I judged myself. Why do we need that much space? What’s the point? Is it okay?

So when Glenyce Hughes and I started chatting about this recent house experience, the topic of being willing to ask for one hundred million dollars came up and we knew we wanted to invite you into the conversation.

On Monday, May 20, 2018 at 4 pm Mountain Time (check your local time here) Glenyce Hughes and I are facilitating a clearing session about this.

Join us: https://bit.ly/onehundredmillsession

What if you didn’t have any points of view, judgments, or limitations about having more? Have told yourself that the only way you can have more is if you work really really hard?

The willingness to ask for more, receive more, and have more brings up a lot of stuff for lots of folks. What if none of it is right or wrong? What if you could embody infinite receiving? What else is possible now?

You can attend this session in person with us in Salt Lake City, UT or through livestream. Can’t be there live? No problem, you’ll receive the recording within 48 hours.

What could be possible for you, me, and everyone on the planet if we were willing to ask for anything and willing to receive and have it? WOW!

Join us: https://bit.ly/onehundredmillsession

I’d love to see you there.

To Creating and Having More with More Ease,


P.S. This clearing session uses tools and The Clearing Statement® from Access Consciousness®. Glenyce Hughes and I are both certified facilitators of Access Consciousness®. Not sure what that is? The Clearing Statement® is like a magic wand that clears the energy that holds the limiting beliefs, points of view, and limitations so you can release what’s no longer working for you and choose beliefs that are actually true for you.

P.P.S. If you are reading this email AFTER the event happened live, you can still register and you will receive the recording. If this topic is a contribution to you, your energy will still be part of the live class and the recording will be powerful.