We’ve complicated business as a whole. I’ve done. You’ve done it haven’t you? And the coaching world has most definitely done it.

When you take away all of the fads, hype, and overnight success formulas, it breaks down to three things: 

  1. Do you have something of valuable to sell?
  2. Do you you have people to sell it to?
  3. How do you reach those people?
  4. How do you do it YOUR way so it’s authentic, fun and creates actual results?

That’s why the Three Money Keys are the basics of what will shift your business. When you get these three things in sync, your business will work.

Money Key #1: Message

What you do, who you do it for, and communicate it in your authentic style.

If you are new to learning about my marketing archetypes, then know this: Your message communicated YOUR way is what attracts people to you. It’s not making sure you talk about the pain points and the guaranteed results, it’s about connection.

Most people are communicating what they do in a way that they’ve been taught, but it’s not authentic to them. And so they either attract the pain-in-the-butt clients, the sale falls apart, or they get a lot of NOs. Sometimes to the point of losing total confidence in what they bring to the world.

Money Key #2: Marketing

How are you getting yourself out there? Following the formulas rarely works. You’ve got to do it your way. (Are you seeing a theme here?)

Some people are masters at online marketing, most people aren’t and they are craving face-t0-face connection that isn’t through a screen.

What used to work two years ago in marketing, particularly email marketing and social media, is losing its luster. People are inundated and you’ve got to interrupt the same-ol’ way of trying to reach people.

You’ve got to show up. In person. And this is where all of the online marketers disagree with me and that’s okay.

Get in front of your audience. Speaking, even virtually, and hosting events are phenomenal ways to reach people and really reach them so they change their life.

Money Key #3: Offers

If you don’t know what to sell, your message and marketing fall flat every single time.

Are your products, programs and pricing all in alignment? Do they feel good? Do you have fun when you work with people or are you resentful because you keep over-giving? Align your offers to your unique business model and it’s much easier to have conversations that enroll dream clients.

I’ll be teaching about these three things at Luminosity coming up in November AND focusing this on how to market yourself using live events.

Live events does not have to mean putting 100+ people in a room for three days. See what two of my clients did and do you see yourself doing something similar:

Trish loves retreats and was filling them a few time a year. But she wasn’t making an offer. Following the strategy that we designed for her unique business model, personality and event, her next retreat resulted in closing $30,000 in sales. From six people.

Do you know six people who would like to learn from you?

Tina had no email list and just started her business. Her vision was to hold full-day workshops that empowered women. Tina is a life coach and loves nothing more than to see women creating a life they always dreamed of but didn’t know was possible.

Tina filled multiple 1-day events with 50-75 people with the strategies I taught her. Again, they were unique to her business model, personality and goals.

I’ve hosted over  100 live events since 2008 – everything from five women in a local dresshop as the venue to 600 people in a giant ballroom.

I’m teaching you how to sync up your three money keys and leverage the power of face-to-face connection to build your business by hosting your own live event.

Check it out HERE.