Live events are a phenomenal way to make an impact in the world and to make great money in your business.

However, there are a lot of live events that fall into one of these scenarios:

Multi-day Pitch Fest – When it’s clear that the only reason for the event is to “get butts in seats” with the sole purpose of making a lot of money, this can only last so long before people wake up to the disempowerment that happens. For some business owners, this model is great. For me, it’s not.

Losing Money – I hear all of the time about how event hosts got people to the event, but they either lost money or broke even. I’ve been there! My first 2-day event had over 200 attendees and I lost $40,000. It was devastating, not to mention a good friendship I lost over the lost money. I turned this around to generate over $100,000 in sales at my events.

Free Events – There is a popular strategy in the coaching world that works, but may not be in full alignment with the kind of event you want to host or the kind of business you want to run. The strategy is this: Have refundable deposits for your attendees so the event ends up being free, however, they are invested attendees and your sales can still be phenomenal. This is a strategy that works, and there are other ways to fill your event.

Empty Events – The event host has a great idea but marketing the event and getting the right people in the room proves to be more challenging. One of my clients was told by an expert that she needed to have an email list of at least 10,000 people to fill an event with 100 people. This is simply not true. But if you are relying on email and social media marketing to fill your event, you’ll probably end up with an empty room.

I’ve seen the behind-the-scenes strategies of big events and even used to implement them into my own. After hosting over 100 live events and made over a million dollars in sales from the handful of multi-day events I hosted, I have learned how to create a transformational experience for attendees, while making money, all without breaking the bank. And most importantly, honoring your unique and authentic personality and business model.

The is the way of the Truth Guide. (Not sure what that is? Discover your Marketing Archetype here.)

I teach people how to host an event of less than 100 people and have a budget of $10,000 to make $100,000.

Do you have to host a large event to do this? One of my previous clients hosted six people in a full-day workshop and made $36,000. Her costs were under $1,000.

This is not about making big promises of revenue. This is about teaching you everything you need to know before, during, and after event so you can:

  1. Reach more people with your message
  2. Fulfill the way you love to teach (live and in person)
  3. Transforming people’s lives
  4. Making 5- and 6-figure paydays a reality without breaking the bank to do it
  5. Honoring your heart-based style of marketing and service delivery
  6. Host an event that runs smoothly, is as stress-free as possible, and it’s fulfilling for you personally and in your business.

Details will be announced late fall about how to do this for your own business.
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