How do you know when it’s time to shift directions in your business or push through it?

Many people think that the second it gets hard it’s a “sign” that it’s not supposed to happen. This is a HUGE misconception and it’s giving people the validation they are looking for to quit.

When you are faced with a challenge, fear or detour in your business, you have two options, push or quit. There is no stopping. Stopping or “throwing in the towel” is a nicer way of quitting. Are you a quitter? Are do you want to see your goal become a reality?

The first thing is to make the DECISION of what you want. What is it that you want? Declare it, focus on it, then figure out the how. (hint, once you’ve made the decision, the how will unfold if you let it.)

So when do you know that the road you are going down needs to shift, or when to take a rest, or change directions?

Nine  steps get what you want:

1. Hold the Vision – What do you want? What does it feel like? What results will it create in your life. Know this vision intimately. You know exactly how much money you want to make a month, not “around this much” or “$5,000 would be nice.” What do you want. My favorite tool is Ideal Life Vision.

2. Make the Decision – Holding the vision is the feel good part. But have you made the decision? Are you waiting for the perfect time, until you have more money, until something else to change before it’s convenient? Or are you totally in? With both feet, even when you are standing in a mud puddle wondering how the hell you got there?

Most people don’t want to commit because they don’t like being accountable. Human nature is to blame others for certain things stopping them from achieving what they way. When you are committed you do what ever it takes.

3. Be flexible – Holding on so tightly to the way it HAS to look will only bring frustration. Working hard doesn’t have to be hard, it will take diligence but be open to the possibilities. When you have the vision and you’ve made the decision, relax INTO it, rather than MAKING IT HAPPEN RIGHT THIS SECOND This is hard to do especially when you feel your vision to the depths of your heart. So breathe, relax and start looking at how you can make this happen.

4. Learn – Often times answers and steps to your goal come through other people. You don’t have to do this alone. So learn what you can. Who has done what you want to? What resources are there for you? Research and learn.

5. Get Help – This is where most people fall and want to quit. Get support. This can come from a coach, mastermind or a friend or family member. The perfect kind of help is the kind of help who isn’t going to let you off the hook when you want to change your mind. They’ll remind you of what you said you wanted, even at the expense of you not liking them for e moment because they aren’t accepting your excuses. (We all go through this so you are not alone.)

6. Take Inspired and Planned Action – Part of getting help is planning out what your course of action is. Even if it makes you feel uncomfortable, do it. You vision is inspired and it requires action. Go and DO! While your taking action, you are holding the vision so you are BEING the very thing you want.

7. Course Correct – Rich Christiansen, of the Zig Zag Principle, talks about your path is never a straight course. You will zig, you will zag and that is the ONLY way to get up the mountain. There are always detours. Always.

8. Take Time for You! This is sooooooo very important. You know what your body, soul and mind needs to feel good and energized. Inspiration comes in time of quiet. And it may come at the 11th hour. Self care and getting enough sleep are just as important as your business plan.

9. Celebrate Your Wins! Celebrate the smallest win – this only builds your confidence and courage to keep going. Acknowledge yourself and what you are doing. Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader and that is okay.

So the answer is to never stop. You can rest, you can change your mind, but never stop. Quitting doesn’t feel good, it’s not what you are meant to do.
The world is waiting for what YOU have to offer. Live your legacy now.