It’s not too late. Now is the time and you are perfectly supported, even in ways that may not look and feel like the support you intended.

What needs to fall away that you are not letting fall away? You want to hang on because you want to make sure the person knows you won’t abandon them? Or is it a belief, a pattern, a habit, an addition that you need to let go of?

We think of addiction as a substance, but many people are addicted to misery and struggle. It’s what they know. What is your addiction? Is it thinking that you need to save someone or protect them?

You are the leader in your lineage to break that generational pattern of misery and struggle, sometimes that tone (of misery and struggle) is covered up by upbeat optimism and only the select few see the shadow.

You are here to shine the light on that shadow. And shine brightly.

Have you been really shining as brightly as you would like?