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The Grief and Bliss of Starting a New Chapter

Veronica knows how to navigate the sea of emotions when you start a new chapter in life. Whether it’s a loss of a loved one or the loss of a dream you thought you would live out, embracing new chapters is the only way to honor the past.

One of my favorite parts of this interview (there are many nuggets to choose from) was when Veronica realized what she wanted her business model to be and it wasn’t what she thought. After putting her dream of being an author on the back burner, she picked it up again, dusted it off, and breathed new life into it. This, in turn, breathed new life into what she wanted to create in her life and business – and it was much more simple than she originally thought.

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About Veronica:

Veronica Strachan is an author, speaker, coach and change expert. She spent three decades in health and human services leadership, IT, Education, Environment and Primary Industries, working across three states and directing national projects in Australia. Then, no longer content running other people’s companies, she started her own business, True Dialogue, so that she could have more conversations with purpose and run things the way she wanted to. She soon discovered that managing your own company was not the whole answer to fulfillment and joy that she had imagined. It took a much more difficult journey of self-reflection and personal transformation after some honest conversations with friends before she eventually found the feeling, healing, and reconnection she needed.

Veronica’s insights, unique experiences, and practical tools were honed by growing up in suburban Melbourne, a child of the 60’s, her professional life as a working mother, and her touchstone for keeping it real—the death of her second daughter, Jacqueline Bree at age 4. She recently published memoir Breathing While Drowning: One Woman’s Quest for Wholeness, traces her journey from numbing grief back through a series of signposts to a creative, vibrant and joyful life. Her signposts are the framework for all her coaching programs: Conscious, Curious, Courageous, Capable, Conflicted & Confused, Closed, Creative, Connected, Compassionate & Concordant. Her hope is that her story and the lessons she learned will help and inspire you to reconnect with your own vibrant, joyful life—in your own way, at your own pace.