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Through the darkness, my soul was calling me to freedom. As Carmell talks about the reinvention of letting go of her business to become an international leadership coach, she discovered along the way the four elements of Emotional Blackmail and the need to be right.

What would change our planet? What will heal and unify the divide that the recent US election has shined the light on?

Carmell gives us her tools of conscious leadership and why more than ever, it’s critical that women step up and support other women.

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About Carmell:

Master coach, Life Artist, speaker, and author, Carmell has worked with thousands over the past 15 years to influence transformation and behavioral change. Through her latest work and system, LifeArtist Leadership, Carmell is training and mentoring women as thought leaders, global change agents, influencers and entrepreneurs.

She is known for moving women forward quickly in their vision, and has the uncanny ability to bring them to a clarity on the deepest level of their being. Her core work is to raise consciousness at every level of women’s lives and leadership. Conscious women become conscious leaders who shift human behaviors in our families and communities, and throughout our cultures, economies, and politics across the globe.

A professional instigator, Carmell is a skilled storyteller, international speaker, world traveler, and leadership mentor. Her passion is for the study of and raising of consciousness, for critical inquiry and conflict resolution, and working with the paradox of power and control in human behavior.