Marketing. Sales. Strategies. Online marketing. Email marketing…

AH! Do you ever get overwhelmed with the MANY ways to market yourself?

My question is still “How in the world do people have time to do Facebook AND Twitter AND Pinterest AND Google Plus (which I still refuse to join) AND Linked In?” 🙂

They key is to ask yourself what is really authentic for you. How can you best express your authentic voice? Where will your market hear you the most?

For me, I like to have real conversations with people. Live events are my heaven. Facebook is my preference because my brain doesn’t think in 140 characters or less.

If you are comparing your business to someone else’s, this will kill your profits quickly. Stop the comparison game and get focuses on what YOU want to do.

After all, comparison is the root of all pain. So stop doing that to your business.

How do you really get clients? Here are 15 ways to get in front of them, but you still have to do ONE thing when you activate these marketing strategies.

You still have to ASK FOR THE BUSINESS. You can attract all you want, you can “manifest” your ideal client, but they won’t be a client until you ask for the business, they say yes and then you engage in an agreement that usually includes a contract and payment.

If you are just starting to get clients, then it’s important to “act as if.” In other words, get your contracts ready, have a way to accept payment ready and have your client intake process ready to go.

Example: if you are a health coach and you want a new client to fill out a health summary of their goals, what they’ve tried, what their challenges are, etc., then have that document ready to go. So when a client says yes, then 1, you send them the contract, 2, they pay you, and 3, the new client survey goes to them in an email. Bam, you are in business.

(You may also opt to get a non-refundable deposit first to get the client commitment in place. After that you can send the contract over, work out other payments, and then send the client survey.)

When you set up this SYSTEM, then it’s easy for an assistant to oversee this process and it’s just done.

So how do you get in front of your peeps and ask them for business? Here are 15 ways:

  1. Teleclass (you giving your info on a 1-time or multi-part teleclass)
  2. Webinar
  3. Telesummit
  4. Live event (workshop style, retreat style, or large event)
  5. Speaking
  6. Website (capture contact info!)
  7. Strategy Sessions
  8. Friends and Family referrals
  9. Referrals
  10. JVs and Affiliates
  11. Expos and Tradeshows
  12. Sponsorships
  13. Social Media
  14. Networking
  15. Pick up the phone

If you try to do all of these at once, you will spin in circles and end up in the exact same place with no results. You’ll be tempted to quit. You might even say “It’s not working.” But you aren’t working it so of course it’s not working.


Choose one form of live interaction with people (speaking, networking, live events, etc), one form of online IF AND ONLY IF, getting online resonates with you, and ALWAYS be picking up the phone.

Focus on those three areas for 30 days and ASK FOR THE BUSINESS and see what happens.

That was a crash course in marketing.

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