Have you ever worked really hard at something, only to realize that it wasn’t what you wanted in the first place?

I woke up one day in 2012 realizing that I wasn’t loving the 6-figure business I was building. So I shifted some things. Actually I shifted almost everything. I fired clients, I fired myself from doing things I wasn’t good at, I fired mentors.

I did it so I could get back to my Soul Vision. I changed it so I could make money in a way that felt completely authentic. I wanted money with purpose, not just as a means to an end.

What was born out of this transformation was the beginning of my “Three Money Keys.” These Money Keys are what will get you to blast past your current profit plateau.

I’ve heard experts say “just go out and sell something, you don’t need to know your message…your message will find you later. Just go out and make some money.”

Really? I actually followed that advice and it not only felt awful, but you can guess what kind of clients I attracted with that energy.

If soul-inspired entrepreneurs aren’t clear on their 3 Money Keys, than raising their rates or getting a client, feels impossible, and it feels totally fake.

There are three reasons why coaches, speakers and other service-based businesses aren’t making six figures or more.

It’s really very simple:

Money Key #1 – Message: Knowing the exact words to describe what you do and who you serve will make you more money. Where most people get stuck is with what makes them stand out and compelling. The other trap is trying to target a market you think will buy, but it’s not the market you really want to serve. Your ideal market WILL pay you if they can hear your message.

Money Key #2 – Marketing: There are four components of marketing that are often missed and it’s causing people to spend a lot of time doing all of the wrong things to get clients. There are four additional things that your prospects are unconsciously looking for and when your market sees them, they buy from YOU.

Money Key #3 – Offer (Show me the MONEY): Are your offers irresistible and unique or do they feel cookie-cutter like everyone else’s? Are you leveraging your time or are your clients getting more than what they paid for? Lastly, do you LOVE your offer?

These three money keys are essential. It’s so simple, yet finding the exact words that describe what you do and the 3-4 best marketing strategies that will generate the biggest return in your bank account are just two things that entrepreneurs struggle with every day.

Eventually this struggle will result in brilliant, talented and fully capable people selling out on their dream, selling out to doing business the same ol’ way, or worse, quitting.

Talk to you soon!