How are you doing with your New Years Resolutions so far?

If you are like me then maybe you think resolutions aren’t so hot, but setting realistic goals all the time works better for you. Either way, have you ever set a goal, only to fall short of reaching it?

Many times people set goals that are unrealistic. It’s too much change too soon. You would have to be superwomen or superman to reach the goals you set for yourself. Check out tip #5 below to download my Money Tracking Sheets I use in my business. 🙂


Like my health coach says “It’s not what you do occasionally that defines you, it’s what you do most of the time.”

If you did ONE of these things in the next 30 days and every 30 days until the end of the year, you would see results in every area of your life:


1. Mastermind

Get a group of people together to focus on one area. One of my clients is part of a Money Mastermind. This group meets once a month and they talk about MONEY! They are going through a book about the topic and what do you think is happening? They are making more money.

To get a mastermind that really works you want to have one core leader that organizes things and keeps people on track. You want to choose no more than eight people (a good number is 5-6) and get a commitment from each person that they are dedicated for a certain period of time. This way you attract people who are committed.


2. Accountability Buddy

How many times have you started a diet or have a business goal but you don’t tell anyone? That way if you don’t reach it then no one has to know right? But is that they way you really want to live your life?

Get an accountability buddy. I have one that we talk once a month and we set our monthly goals and share them. She has the right to kick my butt and ask me the tough questions if I don’t do it. And vice versa. I have a health accountability group where we all chose a 90-day health goal and we have a private Facebook group that we share our progress with each other. If I reach my 90-day goal then I am treating myself to a spa day. If I don’t reach my 90-day goal then I owe everyone in my group a VIP day – ouch! That is a full day of my time, which I charge over $2,000 for. And I’m giving them a VIP ticket to my upcoming event that sell for $350 each. That is a big consequence for me. Put a consequence and a reward on your goals.

3. Write it Down

Rather than being a secret agent about your goals, write them down. Do you have your financial goals for your business written down? Do you have your marketing activities on a calendar? Or are you reacting to your circumstances day-by-day rather than proactively planning your activities to match your income goals. The same goes for every area of your life.

Take 10 minutes right now and write down your goals in each area of your life. Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything. You can’t JUST focus on money without also focusing on your health, relationships and confidence. It’s all connected. And you want holistic success right? Just having money in the bank won’t fulfill you.

4. Give Yourself Some Time Each Day

Do you have quiet time? Even if you take five minutes every morning and night to breathe and plan your day, you will have an easier time reaching your goals.

And let’s talk about self care – this is for men and women. When is the last time you got a massage or an acupuncture treatment?

(For you Utah folks, you gotta check out Silvermoon Community Acupuncture. They have a Girls Night Out and in February, they are doing a couples night out where you get a bunch of awesome services, food and PAMPERING for only $55 a person. It’s AMAZING!)

Take time for you. When you do this then you set the tone for how you want other people to treat you, including your family and clients.

For those of you running at full speed, take a moment, slow down and honestly ask yourself if you can keep up this pace forever. Burnout can’t sustain your business.

5. Track It

What you focus on expands. Are you tracking how much money you make every day? This awesome technique taught by Monica Shah of Revenue Breakthrough is a GAMECHANGER. Here is a link to my Money Tracking Sheets that my clients and I use. It’s simple – The page is numbered from one to 31, for every day of the month. For every day that you receive money, even finding a penny on the ground, put it on that day. You will find a way to put something in every day.

These tips are so simple that often they are overlooked. I can talk about business plans and marketing plans all day, every day. BUT unless you have these basics then a marketing strategy won’t work as well as it could if at all.