You know when you see something repeat itself to try to get your attention? Or you have similar conversations or come up with clients and colleagues?

In fabulous conversations with two fabulous women this week Lisa Steadman andMorrighan Lynne, this was the lesson I was getting loud and clear in the past week: 

BE UNAPOLOGETIC for who you are and what you want to do.

(Lisa is a part of the THRIVE Women series this week.) 

Most of my life I’ve been told that I’m “too much,” I “move too fast,” and what I want to do isn’t possible because “it’s just too much.” In the past I would slow down, question if I was enough, question if I was actually delusional and then back off. 

I’ve had some bold opportunities recently and it was tempting to slow down. Being totally transparent here, I’m choosing moment to moment to push through the resistance and be UNAPOLOGETIC for who I am and what I want. 

Truthfully, backing down is old. It’s boring. And it’s totally out of integrity to back down from my personal mission because someone else is uncomfortable. 

However, I’m noticing the times that I’m saying “I’m sorry” for wanting what I want. Or sabotaging myself by backing down, then when I get back in the game saying “Sorry I disappeared for a bit, now I’m back.” Nope, not any more.

What an interesting pattern right? Are you doing this in your business?

What are you apologizing for? What would it look like if you were completely UNAPOLOGETIC for your greatness? What would your life look like to be living your full potential instead of wondering about it? 

What could you magnetize into your life and business if you were to celebrate being fully seen and visible in your truth and expertise? What would you experience if your full essence of who you are and everything you stand for was present?

Be unapologetic for wanting what you want and more importantly, for going after it.Go after those clients you want to work with. Go after the opportunities and speaking gigs. Or what ever really lights you up, which is probably also what scares you right? 🙂

Six tips to be UNAPOLOGETIC for your greatness. When you do this, you build your own personal buzz worthy brand (seriously) and THAT my friend, creates more profits in your business.

    1. Set boundaries with people to honor your time, focus and purpose.
    2. Have an opinion; be wiling to share it. 
    3. Say no when you want to say “maybe” or “I’ll get back to you.”
    4. Say yes to opportunities even if you are freaking out. 
    5. Be honest with yourself about your current results and instead of beating yourself up if you don’t have what you want, celebrate what you have accomplished, get back up and keep going.
    6. Move as fast (or as slow) as you want. Your pace doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, AND be aware of when you cut yourself short from going the distance.

Remember that just went you want to quit or slow down, there is a breakthrough right on the other side.

Be bold. Be courageous. Make a difference and make a lot of money while doing it. 

The great brands we admire don’t apologize for being bold, different, sassy, or (gasp) even “weird.” 

Steve Jobs is an example of this. 

Here’s to the Crazy Ones.  From Apple Computers: 

The misfits.

The rebels.

The trouble-makers.

The round pegs in the square holes.

The ones who see things differently. 

They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo.

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them.

About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.

Because they change things.

They push the human race forward.

And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world – are the ones who do.

Be bold this week in your biz. Pick up that phone and connect with people, even if you don’t “feel” ready. To make money and a massive impact, courage to be unapologetic is required.

To Your Success!