My niece Margot just turned a year old and she is starting to say words. Everyone around her repeats “What does a dog say,” and she puts her little lips together to make a “ruff ruff” sound. She is so excited and encouraged to SPEAK.

When did we stop losing that excitement to speak? When did we stop dimming our power to vocalize our truth?

Many of my clients ask me how to speak more because they know they can reach more people through speaking.

Many women I know are afraid to speak and keep telling themselves that when they lose weight then they will get on stage. Or when they have more experience then they will speak. Or when they have a bigger message then they will be ready.  Are you making any of those excuses?

You are ready now. Your experiences, expertise and soul purpose are all right here, right now, and it’s time to speak NOW.

Why? What are the payoffs?

Payoff #1: Speaking is one of the fastest paths to cash.

Payoff #2: It’s also how you make the difference you want in the world. You impact more people when you speak to groups rather than just one-on-one.

You put those two things together and it’s bliss.How do you get started?

  1. Telesummits – Be a guest on one or host your own. A Telesummit is a collection of speakers that are sharing their expertise around a central topic.The four benefits to a Telesummit are: 1. The host grows their list in a big way. 2. The experts get exposure to each others list, which also grows their list. 3. You can make money from people buying the recordings of the calls or another offer. 4. You are establishing yourself as an expert in the lineup you have created. 

  2. Host Your Own Telecourse – You can offer a free one-time teleclass or webinar that leads people into an offer. Or you can sell a training that you offer virtually and it can be one call or multiple calls. Partnering with JVs (Joint Ventures) will help to market your course. is a great system to record your calls. 

  3. Create Your Own Stage – Host your own live event. When I suggest this to people, there are typically two fears: How do I fill the room? What could I possibly teach for a day, two days or even three days? While there is an equation to filling a room and delivering your content, you can do it. Depending on the size of your event, you want to give yourself 4 weeks to 6 months of solid marketing time. 

  4. Sponsor an Event – A new speaker model is to pay for a sponsorship and use the “Speak to Sell” model so you have the opportunity to close sales at someone else’s event. When you pay for a sponsorship, you keep 100% of your sales. Speakers who are confident in their sales ability save a ton of money being a sponsor rather than doing a standard 50/50 revenue share. (see the next speaker model for what this means) 

  5. Speak for Free and Split the Sales – You don’t get paid to be a speaker but you make your money by selling your services or products. The producer gets paid by getting 40-70% of your sales; a standard “revenue share” split is 50/50. You get 50%, your producer gets 50%. In order for event producers to do this, you get to have a proven track record of selling at events. 

  6. Get Paid to Speak – When the economy started turning several years ago, corporate budgets were cut and a lot of speakers who were used to getting paid, saw a dip in their salaries. Not everyone, but it happened a lot. Corporations typically have budgets to pay speakers more than multi-speaker events in the personal development world. This isn’t absolute, just a general trend that is happening. 

  7. Viral Videos – Videos are here and they are not going away. Viral videos are a great way to get your message out to the masses. There are two schools of thought here: short, quick videos or longer training videos. Do what you feel confident doing. There is more than just YouTube my friends; there are dozens and dozens of ways to get your videos out virally!

The bottom line is the quickest way to get your message out to many to attract clients, build your list, and fulfill your purpose is with speaking.

Chances are, you are ready to maximize this opportunity with a skill set to match your desire and really do this!