As my head coach and I were talking about how to support my clients in the upcoming months, these 8 Abundance Laws for Soulpreneurs emerged (I just wrote this today and already people are commenting on Facebook with how much this resonates for their business, and their life.)

I believe these to be the “secrets” of creating success from any program or product, especially if you’ve ever been disappointed with something you’ve invested in.

1. Nothing will save you, but you:

Investing in ANY program or product will NOT save your business. It doesn’t matter how good the program, coach, or expert is you hired. No one is riding in on a horse to sweep you away into the sunset. You must do the work and ask for assistance.

2. Visioning or Marketing (You must have both.):
If you sincerely hate marketing and refuse to do it, it’s likely that you will spin and spin in creating vision after vision, thinking the next one will be “it.” But you can create and learn all you want, but nothing will happen until you make a decision and take action.

3. Feel vs Know:
Knowing the difference between fear/resistance, and something that is out of alignment, is crucial. Don’t mistake FEELING uncomfortable because you are doing something new, with the KNOWING that it’s not your path. Basing your decision on what you “feel” can be detrimental.

4. Show up. Show up. Show up. When in doubt, show up. Why? See point #1.

5. CEO or Employee Mindset:
Creating the kind of time and financial freedom that you desire, will require you do things you’ve never done and what MOST people never have the courage to do. There is absolutely no judgment of anyone on either side, just a simple observance of what is. Being an entrepreneur is NOT for everyone. It may look sexy, but there is no one handing you a paycheck, offering you paid time off, or telling you what to do every step of the way. You have to have your own back. Do you have an employee or CEO mindset?

6. Push vs PUSH:
There is a difference between pushing yourself in a healthy way so you get out of your comfort zone, and pushing yourself into burnout. There is a difference between focused and strategic effort and hard work that looks like struggle. Most people give up the second it gets uncomfortable if they’ve hit burnout before because they don’t want to go back to that place. Only YOU can know that difference.

7. There is always more:
Once you hit a milestone, you will search for the next one. You will never arrive and therein, lies the gift and the illusion that you’ve “made it.” You can “make it” every step of the way if you are being present to smell the roses along the way.

8. Accountability:
No one can keep you accountable but you. Are you willing to show up for yourself and not because anyone told you should, but because you choose to?

What I do know is in my simplification process over the past few months, I have less tolerance for BS and I crave real connection that’s supportive and collaborative.

So stick around to get more truth about business and when I say truth, I mean the space for YOUR truth to fully emerge and be expressed.

Believing in You,


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