Note: as I channel these messages, incorrect grammar, and run-on sentences are likely to happen. 🙂 Tune into the energy of the message, don’t fixate on how it looks, or the grammar. Tap into the love that is here – all around you.

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whatwillwecreateAt the time of this message, the president-elect, Donald Trump was just announced.

Some of us sit here in shock and disbelief, and some are celebrating.

Regardless of who you voted for, or who you wanted the US to vote for, this is a message of creating possibility when so many people are choosing, perpetuating and creating fear.

As a channel and intuitive guide, this is the information I’ve been guided to share with you today.

How did we get here?

We’ve always been here, but we live in a time where nothing can hide anymore. Everything that is out of alignment, that creates division, separation and judgment will show up. It can’t stay hidden.

This is not about either of the two main candidates, it’s about revealing truth. And where ever truth is revealed, chaos precedes – the pure energy of creation breaks apart the things that are keeping the dysfunctional systems in place.

This is the call for an uprising of creation and choice. What will we choose? What will we create?

This is a reflection of the inner workings of our inner secrets, our inner demons, and there is no more hiding.

This is our work – to love all parts of us. To see the light through the shadow. To shine the light, to be the light.

Being light trying to crowd someone out isn’t light. It’s the illusion of light.

Anything that causes separation from each other and from ourselves, is the shadow to shed the light on.

What’s happening now is it’s all unraveling. The illusion of a system that no longer works, and perhaps never truly did.

There is more than meets the eye here. It’s not about blind faith, it’s about being the walking, talking, living example of faith. Be that beacon of hope in someone’s life, don’t wait for someone to be that for you. You be it for yourself and your community, and that is what will be reflected back to you.

Never underestimate the power of one person. You are the change. You create the change. Speak up. Stand up. Rise up. And most importantly, rise together. You are never alone, you are not alone – look around you and let the love in. Let people see you in your transparent emotions – we are all more connected than any of use realize.

Everywhere you have proof and feel that this is a us against them, drop those barriers that are keeping people away. Hold each other. SEE each other. Hear each other. Stand together.

Fighting together is still a fight. Being a stand for something greater will require an unwavering, and when it’s your time to rest because you’ve been standing for something for so long, you are embraced by your brothers and sisters of the planet. We’ve got you, we’ve got each other. Yes, stand up, and know that when you rest, you are supported by others. You are never alone.

Your work matters. It always has. Your ability to see beyond perceived limitations and create something different has always mattered. What if this is the space to do that even more, without holding back, without pretending that your work is insignificant. To the one person who is changed by your words, your embrace, your healing, it’s everything. Someone has been that person for you, you are that for someone. You are that, to many people.

Fear is not real. It’s a construct of control to limit creation. The one thing that remains constant is our ability to choose – choose love, possibility, and our ability to create, or choose fear, lack, judgment, and limitation. Everything is a choice. And every moment is a new opportunity to choose.

Take a breath. Breath reminds us that we are alive. If nothing else, take a breath. Then another. Then another. Then another.

Now here is a quick guided exercise to get out of the fear, expand your energy to let the love in so you can create what you truly desire. I will use the Access consciousness® clearing statement in this process. What this is is a quick way to clear energy that creates fear, judgment, and lack. You can find out about it at

Take three deep breaths through your mouth and when you exhale, do so with an audible ah.

Close your eyes if you would like to. And with each exhale, release the fear.

As empathic beings, we often take on other people’s energy as if it’s real, and as if it’s our own. It’s not. You can’t heal what isn’t yours.

With each breath, exhale everyone else’s stuff and return it to sender with consciousness attached. This is not like dropping a pile of junk in someone’s lap, it’s why we say with consciousness attached so the consciousness and truth of all of it is with it.

Anywhere, you think it’s your duty to take on the world’s energy as a way to heal it or earn the right to be here, return all of that to sender with consciousness, destroy and uncreate it all. POD POC

Drop your barriers around your body and being.

There is nothing to DO here, energy is intelligent and it always responds to your command. Dropping your barriers is letting those walls down that have been built from fear. Dropping your barriers is safe. It doesn’t mean you will harbor any unkind, heavy or unwanted energy, dropping your barriers actually allows any unkind energy to move swiftly through without you hanging on to any of it.

Anywhere you want to hang on to it, or it’s your duty to hang on to it so you can have compassion for the world, destroy and uncreate it.

Imagine the universe has a vacuum that in three seconds sweeps your body and your entire energy field of anything toxic, fearful, judgmental and heavy. And in 3-2-1, your energy is clear and more vibrant than a few moments ago. That energy is transmuted to pure creation energy, the very substance from which vibrant miracles are created.

And again, an energetic sweep of any energy that is not a contributing energy of light. 3-2-1. Again. 3-2-1. Again. Keep breathing.

Drop your barriers. You are safe without the walls of fear keeping you protected. The love and light you seek cannot come through those self-built walls. You are safe.

You are safe. You are love. You are loved. You are safe. Breathe that in.

Anything that wants to tell you that fear is real, say thank you for sharing, I choose me. I choose light. I choose love. I am love.

Now, keep breathing and let’s do a breath together in, and out with an audible ahhh.

Expand your energy out. Your soul, your being, your spirit, whatever word you resonate, expand your energy out. Stay in your body and expand out. Find the edge of your infinite being. Bigger, bigger. There, Keep going. Breathe. Stay there. Keep expanding. And from this place, take that energetic vacuum and transmute anything that doesn’t allow you to BE the space of possibility you desire.

In this expanded, spacious state of being, imagine the world as it sits in palm of your hand. Expand your hand out and let the world just sit on your hand. With the world in your hand, bring your hand to your heart and expand the love you have within into every molecule on the planet.

Just hold the world there, next to your heart. I love you. I’m with you. You’re not alone. Fear not. I’m with you. We’re in this together.

Now with your thoughts, just drop molecules of magic into parts of the world you are called to. Drop a molecule into your own home, community, school, church, family, or where ever you reside.

Now drop these magical molecules of love, possibility and the ability to create, into all of the people. These molecules expand for all of us who are creating light.

Expand your energy again, go bigger, bigger.

Now see your light connecting to all of the other lights – this is your tribe. See, you are not alone. We have each other’s backs. We are all connected.

Expand this light out.

And in one breath, breathe life, love and light into the world. See your love going to where ever it’s needed.

Now that you’ve made this contribution to the planet today, and to you, acknowledge that you are THE person to create change. To create a new reality, new possibilities. You inspire change.

If you feel the fear, follow these steps to remember the truth:

Take a breath and return all of the fear and everything that isn’t yours to sender with consciousness attached. Use the universal vacuum if you need to.

Drop your barriers.

Expand your energy.

Breathe light and love into your own body and being and into the world.

What energy, space, and consciousness can I be to be the beacon of truth, light and possibility that creates a whole new reality that I’ve never even imagined before?

Anything that doesn’t allow that, destroy and uncreate it all. POD POC.