There seems to be something in the air… and not just with my clients, but colleagues, me personally, family members, it’s all around us. People are stepping up. And in a big way.

AND this means that along with up-leveling and saying YES to your purpose, saying YES to charge what you are worth, and saying YES to make a difference, you face your fears and self doubt at a new level. Being an entrepreneur sounds glamorous and exciting. It is a wonderful life AND it’s likely the hardest thing you will ever do.

David Neagle (who, by the way, will be teaching money breakthroughs at Ignite Your Spark) says “New level, new devil.” I like to say as you dive into a new layer, there is a new naysayer. Usually that naysayer is your own self doubt yelling louder and louder.

During these times, where one moment you are excited and the very next minute you are freaking yourself out, reach out for support and encouragement. Be conscious with who you reach out to. Often times we want our families’ and friends’ support, however if they are constantly trying to talk you into being “sensible” or not being so risky or they just flat out don’t believe in you, then stop sharing things with them.

Find people who do support you. Meanwhile, remember if you have people discouraging you then it’s their own insecurities being projected on you.

Attend networking groups that focus on entrepreneurs. You will find yourself in a group of other people who are the changemakers and doers in your community – they know what it feels like to follow their dreams.

Rather than “faking it until you make it,” which was the worst business advice I ever received, reach out for support and encouragement. You don’t have to do this entrepreneurial journey alone.

There is no faking it. You are authentic. Authenticity lasts. Fads die. You are fulfilling your life purpose. That fact alone is proof that you have what it takes. Of course you offer amazing value because it’s IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU NOT TO. It’s simply who you are.

What I know for sure is when you up-level is there is new fear. You have three choices when that fear comes up:

1-Distract yourself to appear “busy”.

2-Be totally paralyzed and not move.

3-Focus on what is income producing and what will create results.

Each one is a CHOICE. You can choose #3 and find yourself right back at #1. It’s an exhausting game. So have fun with it, keep recommitting to your true potential. Ask for support. Keep moving forward. You can do this.

When you choose #3 then pick three top priorities every week. Then, turn those top three priorities into top 3 actions to take every day and DO IT. Nike had it right from the very beginning, Just do it.

Stop over analyzing and waiting for things to be perfect before you move. Circumstances will never be perfect. Your actions will never be perfect all of the time. You will mess up. You will doubt yourself. And with consistent actions, you will have wins. You will get results.

People want what you have. People need what you have to offer. The truth is you are brilliant, amazing and fabulous. Without exception, you are magnificent.

If you have “tests” around you that look like health issues, money challenges, relationship drama, self confidence blocks, overwhelm or a variety of other issues, remember that you have what it takes to pass the “test” with flying colors. Remember that this too shall pass. (Thanks, Suzanne Evans, for this reminder.)

You have what it takes. Shine on. Be brave. Take action, even if it’s baby steps. Keep moving. Keep breathing.

I believe in you.

With Love and to Your Success,