Here’s a little story about a woman who made big things happening. She did it without a business plan and without knowing how every detail works out. She did it because she trusted herself. And in the moments she didn’t trust herself, she had people around her to cheer her on and remind her of what is possible.

This woman is me. It’s you. It’s my friend Sylvia, Ann and Tina. You’ll meet them in just a minute.

You’ve heard this question –

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I think we are asking the wrong question. The better question is:

What could you do if you totally trusted yourself? 

Trust Yourself | Angella Johnson





Meet Sylvia: Sylvia knows the power of the right question. She created an exquisite card deck that simply asks questions. Why? Because you have your own answers. Angella Johnson

But we are taught from a very young age that our answers aren’t the right answers. There is someone else who knows more and who knows better for us.

So as we start to build our business, we get sucked into promises like:

“Follow your passion and the money will come.”

“Follow this 7-step system and make $100,000 in 90 days.”

AKA – do it THIS way, and you will succeed.

  • The only formula that matters is your own.
  • The first step to manifesting what you want is to trust yourself.
  • The second step: Practice non-attachment while you are clear about what you want.

I was part of a Buddhist Sangha for about four years. In that tradition, non-attachment is everything. Here’s what I mean:

Meet Tina. One of my BFFs. She’s been a client of mine, I’ve been a client of hers.

After my Africa trip in June 2013, we talked about how cool it would be to go to Kenya together on a trip. We talked about what it would FEEL like (hint hint).

We were both left with this feeling of total trust that it will happen when it’s supposed to happen. We said that 2015 would be a good year for the trip. I’ve thought about that conversation from time to time since then…

Meet Ann – another friend of mine who is a fellow SOULpreneur.

Ann takes groups to Africa and they do work in western Kenya…locals in the villages learn her Ideal Life Vision process. (an amazing manifesting tool). Over 4,000 people have learned her process in the past six months in Kenya.

Essentially it’s like affirmations on steroids. You write out your ideal life in the present tense as if it’s already happened. An example of this is:

“I love seeing $5,000 come in each month from the sale of my Soul Vision products though the online sales funnels I have consciously created to serve more people. The testimonials that come in from these customers is astounding. People are making money – they are loving their business and they are making massive steps in their lives.”

You do this for every area of your life. Then you record you saying it all to the background of baroque music. Why? There is a scientific explanation, but in a nutshell it embeds your goals and what you want to manifest into your subconscious mind.

Ann has been taking groups to Kenya (and other places) and teaching people this process. She told me about this story:

One of her Ideal Life Vision coaches in the Maasai Mara  (where you go when you go on an African Safari) lives in a hut in a village. He taught some women in his village this Ideal Life Vision process.

They don’t know how to read or write. So he wrote their one-paragraph vision down for them.

When the women asked how they would read it, he told them to come to his hut and he would read it to them every night.

One night 65 women were lined up outside of his hut waiting for their turn.

Realizing he couldn’t do this every night as the number kept growing, he got innovative. He taught them their life vision in a song and they memorized the song.

His next report on these women was as this:

As he was going to sleep one night, he heard all of the women in his village singing their life vision.

Lives are changing. The world is changing. For the better.

When my friend Ann told me this story, my eyes welled with tears and I knew it was time to go back to Africa again. But Ann’s next trip was full.

So I practiced detachment and trusted.  I knew I wanted to go in 2015 and was just looking at my calendar to see when I can fit it.

Then on 12/30, Ann sent me a Facebook message “It’s almost time to introduce the Team to the Kenya Team !!!”

Angella Johnson | Ann Web | Africa







A couple of hours I sent this message to Tina:







Tina first said she would get back to me in a couple of days. Then this message a couple of minutes later:









After talking to her hubby, a few minutes later this happened:







We’re going to Africa. I’m not sure what the adventure will hold.

But I do know this:

When you can feel it in your bones and you don’t know all of the details, you jump all in. With both feet. And the only way to jump all the way in is to trust yourself.

What’s ironic about all of this, is I have been in technology hell for the past week getting all of my systems redone in my business. My intuition was very clear that  I needed to overhaul the systems and technology in my business. I knew I had to do it before the end of the year.

When I hired my new OBM she asked me what I wanted more of in my life.

My answer? Freedom. Doing what I want, when I want, with who I want.

I truly don’t believe I would have said yes to this opportunity if I didn’t follow the nudge to get things streamlined in my business so it can run well even when I’m out of the country for weeks at a time.

So I leave you with this my friend, what could you do if you trusted yourself completely?

What if you went into 2015 with THAT question, knowing full well that you have the answer? (When you do this, then your marketing works because you are doing things for a reason that means something powerful to you.)