Many of my clients have been focused on setting up and improving their drip campaigns or autoresponder email series, which can also be called “Follow up Sequences” in my favorite email manager, Infusion Soft.

People often ask me what should be in the first email that is sent after someone opts in to your email.

First, thank the person for being a part of your community.

Second, let them know what they will receive from you. Here are a few examples:

Hi Angela,

Thank you for being part of our illuminated tribe. My team and I are committed to bring you the best experts, inspiration, education and empowerment in the most important areas of your life.

We believe you get to have it all. The Illuminated tribe celebrates you in having your best finances, business, career, family, relationships, health and purpose!

Our monthly newsletter will share resources on these topics and specials for our events, including our annual Ignite Your Spark women’s conference.

We are glad to have you be a part of our tribe.

To Your Illumination,
Angela Johnson and the Illuminated Team


I wanted to highlight Amy Applebaum’s first autoresponder too because I really like how she listed the type of information you will receive:

Hi Angela,

Thanks for joining our mailing list! You can expect to get updates from us once or twice per week.

As a member, you will receive:

–    Invitations and Special Offers for Members Only
–    Monthly Coaching Tips
–    Access to my Ask Amy Advice Column
–    Assignments to Keep You “In-Action” and Moving Towards Your Goals
–    An Opportunity to Be or Nominate Our “Entrepreneur of The Month.”

Everything I email you is meant to help you be a happy and successful. So, if there is something special you’d like to request or a comment you would like to make, feel free to contact me anytime.


P.S.  If you know anyone who you think could benefit from being part of this extraordinary community of female entrepreneurs,   please forward them the link below.

Another shout out to how Amy has set up her website: I just came across Amy Applebaum and I like how she has identified three distinct paths that people can work with her on her site. This makes it easy for her market to identify if they are her ideal market.