I will be sharing the stage with Elizabeth Gilbert next month in Seattle at an event called Connect: Transform What Really Matters hosted by Darla LeDoux.

My eyes leak a little when I really think about this. I’m delighted, honored, and so excited to share my message about Courage.

This book has changed my life. I’ve recommended it to hundreds of people and bought for close to a dozen people. Listening to it is my favorite – it’s just Liz and I doing the dishes or running errands.

One of my favorite parts of the book is when she says if you aren’t creating something, you are destroying something.

Our creative energy has to go somewhere and what I know is that when I’m not using that energy to create what I desire, I create a whole lotta drama and struggle in my life. When I’m not in the flow of my own life, then I am destroying part of my truth in order to live the lie that I can’t have what I really desire.

When I don’t create, I justify my limitations. I have to “think” about things instead of choose IN and move. I stall out. I delay my dreams. And then I judge the hell out of myself for falling into that trap again. 

Damn am I grateful I do this far less often as I used to!

When I’m not in the flow of my own life, I am destroying part of my truth in order to live the lie that I can’t have what I really desire.

I’ve been a little obsessed with Liz and Big Magic. But in a non-stalker kinda way of course.

When I got the recent news that I’ve been accepted to speak and share the stage with her, I realized that I created some of my own #bigmagic.

Isn’t interesting that within 24 hours of posting the video of this amazing news, I got sick. The next day I lost my voice, which was not the greatest timing since I was on my way to Colorado to speak at an event.

While my body was calibrating to the current uplevel in my business, I acknowledged my sweet body for her strength and her requirement for nurturing and space, which I had been slacking on.

I also acknowledged the actualization of this awesome opportunity that I set into motion a couple of months ago.

Here’s what I did, which is the same process I did to expand my business globally and within a few weeks I expanded into new international territory:

  1. Write the Dream List:
    For the speaking, I wrote down the names of people I desire to share the stage with: Liz Gilbert was the first person on the list. The second I wrote it down, I thought “wow, let’s go for the big guns right away Angella.”

    For the countries I wanted to speak in/have clients in, I wrote down the countries that really spoke to me: Australia, Netherlands, and Italy. (Within two weeks someone from the Netherlands registered to attend last year’s IGNITE then later became a client. Last November I spoke in Australia to 150 SOULpreneurs and I’ll be hosting Ignite there in November 2017.) 

    So yeah, this $hit really works. 🙂

  2. The Why (and make it simple):
    It wasn’t just the name or the county, but why was this important to me? What did I value? And it’s okay if the only “why” is because it feels good and your whole body and being light up when you think about it.
  3. Energetic Contributions:
    For those of you who know the Access Consciousness® world, I did some 3s, 4s, and 5s and energy pulls. This is the stuff I teach at IGNITE too.
    If you don’t know what this is and would like to know, I talk about it in my private Facebook group too, along with other free bonus trainings.
  4. Feel:
    Connect to the feeling of what it would be like. Visualize walking on that stage. Connect to the feeling.
  5. Clear Your Points of View, Attachments, Judgments, and Conclusions:
    Then clear all of your points of view about it. And the judgments. And the conclusions.

    For me it was a long list of stuff that included things like I”m not accomplished as a speaker yet, I’m not skinny enough, I’m not good enough, what could I talk about that hasn’t been talked about (notice the heaviness even as I say that stuff).

    Conclusions are often expectations or agendas  that sound like “If I do this, then this will grow my business,” or “then I will be invited to speak on other stages, etc.”

    What happens with that kind of thinking is we block our ability to receive and we put limitations on what is possible.

    Then I used The Clearing Statement® for everything on the list. What this is and how to use it can be found on my Free Resources page here.

The biggest impact on this creation were steps 3 and 5. In fact, these are the tools that I use daily. They create a lot of change quickly, which is why I like them.

Try it out. Experiment with it. Be open to the possibility that manifesting, which I call actualizing, can be wayyyy easier than we’ve ever thought or been taught.

And if you are in the Seattle area, let me know. 🙂