This is where I show real people and their fabulous marketing. In a world where it’s so easy to call out things we don’t like, this about highlighting businesses and brands who are authentic and doing a great job. I’ll be sharing some marketing geekery with y’all and how it relates to the Marketing Archetypes too, so you can model what will work for your business. #bizcrush

This week’s highlight is Lucy Wyndham-Read, a fitness expert who’s YouTube presence is amazing.
My friend sent me a link to a workout video on YouTube.

Um… I know YouTube is a HOT place to search for stuff and I rarely don’t search for stuff there. I know I’m strange. My friend also told me I would love the marketing approach too… and wow was she right! #lucyssquad #yesican

First of all, it’s a great workout. #shakeyourbooty
I love that she has side-by-side options for beginners (like me getting back in shape) and a more advanced version. #brilliant
The workout was “easy” as in nothing overly-complex, and I definitely broke a sweat. #yayme
I love how she has a philosophy of complicated doesn’t = results. Keep it simple.

Now let’s discuss her marketing, that is friggin’ brilliant.

Throughout the workout, you saw before and after pics of people who have done her programs + related invitations to things she was guiding her viewers through in the workout. And listen up Conversational Truth Guides – here’s what the video did for me. She wasn’t wearing an over-the-top workout outfit aka sports bra and tiny shorts. She was approachable. Real. I loved that.

Her voice guided people through the workout and she casually mentioned some other resources, along with popping up some things on the screen, with the workout that was playing the whole time. From the user experience, this built her credibility and expertise. It wasn’t over-the-top, in-your-face “buy this stuff.” It felt very supportive of “here’s how I can support you to get results you want,” kind of vibe.

(Note: by not offering other resources, you aren’t serving your clients. Yet, most heart-based entrepreneurs avoid promoting other stuff, because they don’t want to be pushy.)

You saw and heard her. (Charismatic and Conversational here) Pssst…Are you taking notes on this for your own marketing?

You bet I’ll be checking out other videos and I bookmarked the video that my friend introduced me to. Now, I was a little surprised that there wasn’t a direct link to connect with her fan page, website, etc. in the description of the video. (If you put your audios and videos out there, make sure your assistant puts a description of YOU and a link to a CTA with each audio/video. Make it easy for people to take the next step with you.)

I’m curious how people find out about the things she mentioned in her video unless they stopped working out and made a note? I could have completely missed an obvious link from the video but I was too busy gettin’ my sweat on.

Regardless, I’m a huge fan and was compelled enough to click around and find her on FB.

Marketing Archetype Geek Moment:

My guess is that her Marketing Archetype is a combo of Conversational\Charasmatic\Compelling Creative Truth Guide and a little bit of Guru Star because she is promoting her system. However, her system isn’t SO rigid that it’s one-size-fits-all.

There’s a possibility for a Connector archetype in there if she’s referring her viewers to supplements, etc. This is a great opportunity for cross promotions and additional income streams.
Conversational: she’s relatable and uses her voice to connect
Charasmatic: she is charming and you see her
Compelling Creative: She has a unique system or method that she is providing

==> If you’re not sure what a Marketing Archetype and would like to find yours, you can take the quiz here.
I’m excited to explore more workouts from Lucy and I’ll be gettin’ my sweat on while my marketing geek is satisfied too.

Great job Lucy!

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