Love is in the Air – February Newsletter

i_heart_biz_divasAh…the month of Cupid and his golden arrows that bestow love on his beloved targets. I propose a twist on this tradition…what about bestowing our own arrows of love on ourselves? I invite you to join me, starting right now, to absolutely adore, love, and fall in love with ourselves every day! What would be different in our lives and in the WORLD if we looked at ourselves like we looked at the people we adore? Loving and adoring ourselves is truly the path to loving and adoring others. And that my divas, is how we change the world. Whoohoo for love! A bigger whoohoo for SELF-LOVE!

February is also the month of the Biz Divas ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. It seems just like yesterday, that a handful of us met to connect with other women in a down-to-earth and supportive environment to learn, teach, empower each other, and network. Twelve months later, the group has grown considerably and will be gracing other cities in the country in 2009. You absolutely want to be with us in February as we celebrate our anniversary with raffle prizes (including massages, jewelry, Biz Divas t-shirts, spa/salon services and much more). Additionally, you will be empowered by our featured presenter, Carol Pope, Laws of Attraction Coach and President of CEO Space Utah. No need to worry about your “New Years Resolutions,” it’s about creating every day and Carol will present tips to create success in your business.

February Inspiration: Manifesting Tips from a Pro
Carol Pope
Carol Pope, President of CEO Space Utah, Laws of Attraction Coach, and CEO of several other businesses, will be sharing her experience of how she shifted from being a single mom making $7.50 per hour at a bookstore, to recording her first vocal CD, being a CEO of multiple companies and being a manifesting coach where she has inspired hundreds to realize their dreams and live the life of bliss they desire. Carol is a Diva of music performance and cooperative business while she empowers many to manifest their goals. In February she will guide the Biz Divas on how to create and manifest excellence in 2009.

February Bonus:
One of the benefits that our annual members enjoy, is they can lead bonus sessions and focus groups prior to our regular monthly meeting. This month, be a part of another Diva’s vision by participating in two short focus groups. In return for your feedback and input, you will receive FREE products and services from the Divas. Here are the details:
–Kellie Forbes, of Zephyr Expressions, is getting ready to produce her inspirational Bali silver pendants. You can assist her with product improvements and more by participating in her 25-minute focus group. When the product is released, you will receive a FREE Zephyr Expressions pendant (a $59.99 retail value) for your time.
–Debbie Straley, a life coach and certified Reiki practitioner, is taking her coaching and Reiki business to the next level and would like your insight on naming her company. So bring your creative thoughts and support this Diva with this foundational step of building her business. For your time, you will receive a FREE 1-hour Reiki session (valued at $60).

The best bonus of all is you give back to women in our Diva community! What you give, you receive ten-fold. Space is limited for these focus groups to only eight people so please reserve your seat by emailing Angela at [email protected] Thanks in advance for your contribution.

Anniversary Celebration:
At our February party, every Diva will get a raffle ticket to win one of many prizes including:
-One-hour Reiki session by Debbie Straley
-Original art by Lauri Cox at Happy Artisans
-Biz Divas t-shirts from Wendy Bensen at Koala Tees
-$50 gift certificate by Intention Jewelry
-Biz Divas jewelry set (over $150 value)
-Body work session (combo of cranial sacral, Reiki, massage, intuitive healing) by Teresa Tally
-Salon services, coupons and product by Images Hair Studio and Day Spa
-Delicious, healthy pancake mixes by Ooh La Bella by Teresa Talley
-Travel certificate by GlobeHopper Getaways
-$50 off an annual Biz Divas membership
-$25 off a 6-month Biz Divas membership
-$10 off a 3-month Biz Divas membership

With Love and To Your Fabulous Success, Angela