I’ve been planning a few weeks off to spend time with my sister as she gives birth to her son in July. I’m so grateful that I’ve created a business that works with my life, instead of trying to fit my life around my business like it used to.

But I can slip into old patterns of being over-responsible, over-giving, and over-accommodating if I’m not paying attention sometimes.13510786_10155380459344572_3527329913912193276_n

My niece “Baby A” is my little buddy and is about to become a big sister.

I’ll be honest that while I’m committed to creating a life of magic and ease, I can work too much. I can take too much on and not delegate. I attempt to too much myself just because I can and I know how.

One of the reasons this upcoming family time is so important is I’ve had many times while growing my business that I sacrificed family time in order to work. I missed out on those memories and in the process I learned the power of being present, which is something I’m always adjusting and deepening.

If you’ve been on my list for a while or if you are friends with me on Facebook, you’ll know that my love runs deep for my nieces and nephews. These little people make me a better person and remind me the keys to life: joy, fun, and flow.

As I was prepping for this time away, some “business-mom” guilt crept in. I wasn’t going to be available for coaching sessions…would my clients be upset? Would they feel abandoned or unsupported? Is this responsible?

All crazy questions, but things I considered nonetheless.

During this time, I had a few ah-has about honoring my boundaries and what it really means to empower my clients.

Ah-ha #1: Any decision motivated by fear will lead to limitation.

I was very tempted to make myself available during the time with my family out of fear of letting people down.

As I coached myself through this process, I realized two important things:

  • my clients are kick-ass, self-sufficient people and they’ll be fine without me being available for a couple of weeks.
  • I choose to be present with my family. Period. This baby time with my sister and her family is priceless. That’s where I choose to BE.

If my clients are relying on me to grow their business, I’m not doing my job.

A few years ago when I was totally off the grid in Africa was the first time I took time completely off from my business where no one could reach me and guess what? Everyone lived, including me. I even had one client write a book and start the publishing process while I was gone.

Ah-ha #2: Am I willing to receive what I’ve created?

I’ve worked diligently to have a business that grows without me managing every part of it. And there is still more work to do in this area.

I’ve created a team of phenomenal people who have joined me in my mission to empower and teach conscious entrepreneurs who are changing the world. I’ve got amazing people to support me and my clients.

Am I willing to receive all of this?

The other part of this is knowing that I love my work and could do it every day if I chose to, and my business is not my life. It’s part of my life and remembering this is what makes my business so enjoyable.

The bottom line is:

If you are creating something to last, it requires clear boundaries and support. Are you willing to show up for yourself and honor your desires? Then are you willing to TRUST that everyone you support will be supported, because you support yourself? (That’s a lot of support in one sentence.)

Is it time for a vacation? To delegate? To unplug? To receive support?

Are you willing? If yes, then begin now to put that into place. You’ll be glad you did.

I’ll keep you posted on the new baby and my auntie time with Baby A. She’s very excited to show me her new ponies. (I’ve got to brush up on remembering the names of all of them.)