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I’ve followed Jill through the years as she drives her vintage RV “Olive” and her Vespa around the US, taking her digital business easily on the road with her.

In this interview, I loved the tips she gave on how to trust the transition when things appear that they are falling apart, but really things are being set up to support you like you never thought possible.

Not only will you gain clarity on what it takes to create a fulfilling business that you can take anywhere in the world with you, but some very practical tips on how to work with a virtual team, which most entrepreneurs in my world have struggled with at some point.

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About Jill:

After years of being a fitness and Pilates instructor, Jill Sessa realized it was time for a change. Spurred on by Hurricane Sandy hitting NYC, Jill took off to explore the US on her Vespa and created her latest business venture as a result.

You can follow Jill’s journey as she works from gorgeous locations throughout the US, all while growing her website maintenance and design business from a vintage RV. With staff in several locations in the world, clients in 17 countries and counting and a wait-list over 3 months, Jill has uncovered her personal formula for making a life, not just a living. 4 years and 4 modes of travel (so far!) and over 85K miles on the road, you’ll come away with concrete tips whether you are just starting out or looking to take your own business more mobile for work or fun.