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On today’s epoisde of Business Alchemy, guest Daundra Becker and I talk about the power of storytelling in your business.
What’s the difference between storytelling with the intention of connecting with your audience vs trying to sell them something? Is there a difference? And how much vulnerability do you share wihout over-sharing or being a victim?

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Are you the Artist, Champon, Engineer, Peace Whisperer, or Joy Maker?

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Part 2 Soul Message Archetypes:

About Daundra:

Daundra has always been a storyteller with big dreams. After becoming a mother she thought her dreams were over, but sick and tired of her husband, Donovan’s, job (he was an over the road truck driver) they decided that they would make their dreams happen and be a work from home family. After less than 8 months they more than replaced his income and retired him from trucking to work from home.

Now Daundra makes a full-time income with her writing business, specializing in her own storyteller’s brand of case studies called success story marketing, she helps run a resale business on Amazon with her hubby (and their three little ladies who try to pitch in), and she also has a blog, Bringing Home Becker, telling her family’s story and empowering women and men to live their dreams of working from home.