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What could happen in your life if you trusted yourself just 5% more?

When Lisa spoke on my IGNITE stage in April 2017 about Unwavering Trust, it was a hot topic and one that continues to come up for attendees because of the powerful impact it had.

When Lisa was first visited by Prince after he passed (yes THE Prince), she told him to go away. She wasn’t ready yet, but when she was ready, her unwavering trust of her channeling ability and the information she was receiving only deepened.

Whether you channel spirit guides or legends like Prince, your intuition is real and you can trust it – but do you?

As an empath, how do you know if your intuition is yours or things that you are absorbing from your environment?

In the second half of the show, we talk about two of my favorite tools:
The Willingness to Receive Judgement and Return to Sender with Consciousness. Both tools from Access Consciousness®, and something that has changed my life drastically.

You can be likable and not stand out, or you can be YOU. Which will you choose?

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About Lisa:

Lisa Wechtenhiser of is an intuitive business mentor and Divine Channel who helps women learn to deeply trust their inner knowing in life and business. She’s also a Certified Archetype Alignment Ambassador and guides you in how to market your business in a way that’s aligned with who you are naturally. No more ‘feeling like a fraud’ – just be yourself and you’ll reach the people who are ready to receive your gifts.

Known for her humor and warmth, just the right amount of tough love and her ability to get you out of feeling overwhelmed and into action fast. Lisa gets the world of Woo and the world of business and can help you manage them both so you create a business that supports you while you support others.