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“You’re just not that committed to your business.”

These were the words that Alex heard when he realized that it was far from the truth. What WAS actually true, was there was no s-p-a-c-e for his deeper dream in his business to emerge.

SPACE – what does that mean and how will it change someone’s business, let alone the world? In this interview, Alex and I talked about the epidemic in the self-development/self-actualization movement that could actually be hindering people rather than helping. What’s the epidemic? Strategy over space.

Will another strategy be the thing that creates the change you’re looking for? Or is having the space to complain or “be negative” create the change you’re looking for? You can decide on this episode with Alex.

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About Alex:

Alex is a former NASA Engineer and born-again Ninja turned Mind-Body Enthusiast with a Masters in Conscious Evolution & two black belts.  He helps creators and leaders move forward with confidence by embodying their global contribution and life’s work so their gifts create the world we all want to live and thrive in.  Alex is the creator of the Global Contribution Map™ and has shared the stage with visionary leaders including Brendon Buchard, Marcia Wieder, and Tim Kelley.

Despite unique achievements and years of deep personal growth, Alex struggled to trust himself and find his way.  Always judging his life and creativity was so painful that he often wanted to quit on himself, on his marriage, his calling, and sometimes – quit being here on the planet.

When he finally discovered a way to make sense of his life and see his life as a message, Alex was able to stop living other people’s lives and choose his own.  He feels driven to share these discoveries and create experiences that activate and align leaders with their original energy, true sense of purpose, ability to inspire and make a meaningful contribution.