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Forbidden Emotions. What comes up when you hear that? Do you want to shy away from it? Is it too intense? We are taught to avoid the negative, shut it down, push it aside and in this dynamic interview with Marti Murphy, you’ll see how those same forbidden emotions are the keys to freedom.
Marti shares her personal encounter with the hatred she felt for decades about her parents and when people said things like “They did the best they could,” she wanted to scream. After taking a dose of her own Rant Tapping to process her forbidden emotions, that hatred turned to compassion and even love for her parents.
How many people are ticking time bombs harboring their forbidden emotions that could be set free with this simple technique?
A bonus topic on this interview is how to liberate your relationships and not sticking yourself with the fantasy that someone else can “complete you.”
You’ll enjoy the candor, insights, and real-life experiences that Marti shares in this episode of Business Alchemy.

About Marti:

Marti went from suffocating in the corporate world to liberating herself and starting her own business. It all began when Marti requested of the Universe that if “this” was all there was to either take her or show her how to be at peace with this life. That’s when she discovered EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, also called Tapping. She left her corporate life and has had a full-time business since October 2014.

She started her business from her desire to free herself from the American Nightmare. While most people refer to the American Dream as something to go after, Marti saw it as her worst nightmare – it was a trap of living someone else’s idea of how to live. She is an internationally sought-after practitioner and mentor.

As a certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Practitioner in Psychosomatics (body/mind clearing) and Master Yes Code Coach, Marti liberates people from the epidemic Cycle of Failing that derails brilliant, driven and intelligent people from creating the life they really want to be living.

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