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Lori Tidwell’s Multiple Sclerosis diagnoses almost defined her future, until the day that she was about to swallow a handful of sleeping pills. A tiny knock on her bathroom door woke her up to what she was choosing and that is when she chose to change things.

Being symptom-free and drug-free for over 12 years now, Lori created a different relationship with her diagnosis, doctors and ultimately, her life.

With her increasing self-awareness, she found herself at a crossroads with her marriage, religion, her role in her community, and her destiny.

In this episode, you’ll hear the highs and lows of Lori’s path and walk away with the inspiration to choose something different for your own path.

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About Lori:

Lori is passionate about empowering you to reclaim your health when you find yourself in the abyss of chronic illness. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002, Lori transformed her illness into health. She is a Health coach, energy healer, mentor, speaker, author, business owner, and mother. Lori understands that healing occurs as you align the spiritual,mental,physical and emotional aspects of you. “You are not your disease it is an event happening in your life, you decide how you are going to experience it.”