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Your Sacred Story is the story that your soul came here to tell.

Writing a book is a hot topic, one that Samantha Wallen approaches differently. Writing your memoir is as much about changing the lives of the reader as it is about changing your own. When you see yourself on the page, you access the home and purpose you already inhabit in your life and you use that to create the content for all of your work. At the heart of it is writing to heal, specifically right now, healing the divides between matter and soul, mind and heart, power and humanity that exist within and outside of ourselves.

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About Samantha:

Samantha Wallen, MFA is a poet, steam-punk time traveler, writer, and book coach who uniquely combines three elements:—writing, the practice of looking deeply, and the desire to be fully expressed to help people awaken their voice and deepest abilities and potential. She is the Founder of Write In Power, which is a growing movement of conscious people who commit to writing into the core wounds and brilliance of their lives in order to claim fundamental value, live in abiding self-trust, AND create a book! She lives in Mill Valley, CA with her family and is currently developing a program on awakening Authentic Activism through writing.