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Beth Grant is the creator of the Alignment Archetype Grid, which I commonly refer to as Marketing Archetypes and while aligning your marketing is an amazing piece, true alignment goes beyond your marketing. In this episode, we talk about what true alignment really takes and why it’s so important for people who want to make an impact.
Beth has identified 22 Principles of Alignment, efficiency is one of them. “Efficiency is the bi-product of alignment,” Beth says and goes on to explain that when you are alignment you experience a flow like nothing else.
Having gone from being in a corporate career void of purpose to pursuing writing, then birthing the Alignment Archetype Grid and supporting entrepreneurs with their marketing, Beth discovered for herself that purpose is a Band-aid and driven by the ego. Say what? We talk about the unpopular concept that “purpose” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. What if your purpose is to simply “be yourself completely?” Listen in and be sure to read Beth’s blog about the 22 Principles of Alignment.
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About Beth:

Beth A. Grant is a marketing strategist and thought leader who helps people reduce struggle and increase ease, joy and profits in their businesses and their lives by making aligned choices. Her Archetype Alignment™ Grid has been called the holy grail of marketing. Beth is also the author of numerous personal development tools as well as the prolific book, The Four States of Being.