“What am I willing to commit to that I don’t need anyone else to validate?” -Christel Crawford

In this interview, Christel and I talk about being a multi-faceted entrepreneur (doing LOTS of things) and how to navigate online and offline marketing. You’ll love what Christel says about online vs online marketing!

How does it indeed get any better than this? Desire more? Watch as Christel and I dive into the miracle of you in your business. There are so many juicy bits, how can you choose just one?

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About Christel Crawford:

Christel Crawford is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. She’s created a multi-figured online coaching & facilitation business that continues to expand, and thrives on the miracle of you, changing, and let’s face it, a well-crafted landing page.

She’s been a restaurateur and a waitress, a minister and a heretic, a landscape designer and the crew, a wife & an adulteress, and the expansionist and coordinator for a number of other businesses in and out of Access Consciousness. She works with entrepreneurs and life-creators on the daily; is authoring her next 18 books (HA!); and in her spare time, trawls through cities around the world, makes out with her man, and wonders what she’ll create next.