When you’re guided to let go of your business completely and go into the unknown space where your identity is released, your routine is gone, and everything you thought you KNEW has changed, what do you do?

For Morrighan Lynne, she took a sabbatical and wrote her book, The Spirited Human, and is emerging into a new normal of surrender. If you are getting that nudge to just let go, Morrighan shares her wisdom of how to step into the unknown so the next version of you can emerge. The other thing you may likely find on this path? The beauty of shadow work, which Morrighan explains in a way I’ve not heard before. What if shadow work is the work we are being called to do as humanity?

The festering of our personal and communal wounds can no longer be addressed with “love and light” alone, but to be courageous enough to dive deep through the shadow. You might be surprised at what’s on the other side.

Connect with Morrighan Lynne at www.MorrighanLynne.com.

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About Morrighan Lynne:

Morrighan Lynne is a psychic medium, intuitive life coach, author, and lover of all things magickal. Although her work is beautifully eclectic, her passion is in focusing on shadow work, wound care, and multi-dimensional healing. Morrighan’s first book, The Spirited Human: Proactive Tools for a Reactive World is available through Amazon, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble.