What happens when you end your career in marketing and join the Peace Corps for three years? In Jennifer’s case, she got a glimpse of what it REALLY means to empower business owners to create a sustainable business.

After working with single mothers in a crime-impoverished area in Ecuador, then working with emancipated orphans who had nowhere to go to provide for themselves, Jennifer saw the impact of honoring your soul’s calling in your life and brings that power to her clients who are building their soul-filled businesses.

After seeing the advice she was given in building her own business lacked the integrity and alignment she desired, Jennifer talks about how to follow your bliss and do things YOUR way to create not only the paychecks you desire but the sustainability that supports your vision too.

Connect with Jennifer Covington at www.JenniferCovington.com.

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About Jennifer:

Jennifer has had the pleasure of working with Fortune 500 giants such as Anheuser-Busch, MGM Studios and 20th Century Fox and spent 3 years in Ecuador teaching small business development to poverty stricken single mothers and orphaned youth as a means of livelihood and sustainability.

From these experiences, Jennifer has learned what it takes (no matter who you are) to create, build and run a freedom-based business from the ground up. Her genius lies in her ability to help you, turn your passion into profit so you can make the positive impact you were made to make in the world.