In this interview, Syndee Hendricks, talks about true leadership and how to find the right support for you. Is it possible to be over-coached? Syndee talks about the dangers of over-buying and some helpful tips on implementing as well. And while we’re on the topic, what’s a mastermind and should you facilitate one? While there are many things deemed “mastermind,” it’s really directed by the facilitator and you can gain some helpful insights to see how you want to deliver your service as well as what you choose to partake in.

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Syndee Hendricks led multi-million dollar dividisons of the nation’s top retailers to record-breaking performance and revenues, winning awards year after year. In record time, she provides invaluable insight, inspiration, and action plans that catapult her clients from struggling to thriving in her international coaching/consulting practice. An award-winning presenter, multiple author, and philanthropist,

Syndee’s projects include co-hosting an eWomenNetwork syndicated international radio podcast which is also on Blog Talk Radio and Voice America, finishing her ninth boo, CEO of Imagine More Success, and a non-profit.