In this interview, Miguel debunks some traditional money advice and how entrepreneurs can create wealth now AND for their future. As he shares how to create Soul Wealth, Miguel gives some fabulous tips about steps you can take now to live fully now, without saving and sacrificing for “retirement.”

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About Miguel: Miguel Gomez, CFP® helps his clients to use money as a tool for joy today and in the future.

He has been in the financial industry for over 10 years and loves to help people transform the way they manage their money and investments through his Soulful Money process, which blends the emotional (and very personal) aspect of money with the practical and technical side of it (things like portfolio management, tax planning, charitable giving and risk management) using easy to understand language.

He’s been featured in CBS News, Yahoo! Finance, Investors’ Business Daily, Kiplinger, Fatherly and others.

Miguel lives with his wife, their two children (1 and 4) and their three Scottish Terries in El Paso, Texas and is a native of Mexico City.