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Authenticity vs Essence – How will you build your business?

Authenticity is an overdone word, yet is the foundation for business so what does this really mean?

In this transparent interview, Adele and I discuss the coaching industry and how things aren’t always how they appear on the surface. What’s really required to grow your business, despite the sexy promises of large group programs? What’s at the core of stress and overwhelm and how do you embody your true essence in your business?

If you have ever felt conflicted by being either right-brained, or left-brained, or practical vs woo, you’ll enjoy the insight that not only CAN you be both, but you ARE both and you’ll discover a lot more ease when you stop trying to force yourself into being one label only.

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About Adele:

Adele specializes in helping spiritual women entrepreneurs develop their natural feminine radiance so they can stand out with their personal presence, attract more clients and get paid what they’re worth.

With her skills as a mentor and energy healer, she has helped hundreds of women develop a stronger personal presence for business (TV, speaking, negotiations) and in their personal lives. This accelerates a woman’s ability to attract clients and create a wealth. She helps women create a much more balanced life with their business, as many entrepreneurs struggle in having a fulfilling personal life so that their business can thrive. She is a licensed Art of Feminine Presence instructor and a certified Energy Medicine Healer.

Adele is a frequent speaker and workshop facilitator and mentors many budding entrepreneurs. Adele works with clients on the phone/Skype and in her office in Atlanta, GA. Prior to running her practice, Adele was a successful business analyst for 15 years in several Fortune 50 companies. She is also a classically trained, accomplished violinist.Adele is a popular speaker, writer and mentor on energy healing, spiritual inquiry, feminine leadership and personal transformation.

Aa  speaker, writer, and mentor on energy healing, spiritual inquiry, feminine leadership and personal transformation. She has an MS in Industrial Relations and a BA in Economics from the University of Wisconsin. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her family and two cats.