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About Tami:
Tami Gulland is not your typical business coach. She works with intuitive, service-based business owners – coaches, consultants and healing professionals. She taps into her clients’ spiritual team to help them get into alignment with their message, marketing, energy, mindset and money. Once you are in alignment, everything falls into place in your business – sales conversations, opportunities and profits – it all expands. Alignment first is the key to sustainable business success.

Tami has written two books, including Conversations with Angels: Divine Inspirations to Uplift Your Heart and co-authored Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now with Jack Canfield. She lives on a ranch in the Rocky Mountains.

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Soulful Profits. Yes, you can make money as a soulful entrepreneur who helps a lot of people.

Tami has experienced the burnout from pushing so hard in order to prove that she could create profit and success.

As an intuitive who has the gift of also communicating with angels and your divine team, Tami also brings in decades of corporate experience in marketing.

Where is the balance between these two worlds? Tami will take us on the journey of pushing to true prosperity as we discuss the five elements needed to create and align to the Divine in business.