What’s beyond heavy and light? A few weeks ago Glenyce Hughes and I were talking about how we may be using this tool against ourselves.


Have you ever had the experience where you *think* you are following your awareness (intuition) but it’s not feeling so great?

Or maybe you second-guess yourself.
Or you even choose what’s *light* and it’s not so light after all.

Hmmm… what’s going on here? What if you could have more clarity about what you choose and trust it?

If you missed this FB live I did with the amazing Glenyce about “The Convenient Lie” and creating beyond heavy and light, check it out here. Facebook kicked me off toward the end, but we got most of it in before the tech failed. 🙂

We also put some awesome resources for you: A PDF + Clearings + Clearing loop and you can get it for free here:

==> bit.ly/convenient-lie

Listen here:

Watch here: