I was chatting with a client this morning about “business as usual” and what does that even mean in light of world events?

For those of us who are highly sensitive, deeply aware, empathic souls, it’s easy to feel it all and so I’d like to take just a few moments and share a few thoughts to create more peace and calm in the midst of big world events right now (US primary elections, coronavirus, etc).

I invite us all collectively into deepening our inner peace and calm as well as invite you to some group meditations I’ll be hosting for free this week to collectively get our energy into a state of love, healing, and peace.

First, let’s look at fear. 

Let’s examine fear for just a moment and don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging out in fear. However, I find that acknowledging fear is a great way to diffuse it rather than just using positive thinking to override it.

Fear is a great way to control people.

I was reading something about the strategy to “divide and conquer.” Divide the people into ‘us vs them’ or the ‘virus vs humans’ and it’s easier for fear to take over our choices and our inner peace, which disrupts our outer peace.

Fear also triggers our fight, flight, and freeze response. It can trigger PTSD and overall, it releases stress hormones into our body, which can also weaken our immune system.

The same “divide and conquer” happens within ourselves. When part of us in on board with creating and choosing peace in the eye of the storm and the other part of us (the part of me who mindlessly scrolls through Facebook and feels the rising anxiety when I do) is perhaps stocking up for doom’s day or going to a worst-case scenario.

I sense that part of this is occurring for us to recognize that YOU are the most powerful being in your universe. Yes, YOU. Just as I am the most powerful being in MY universe. When we recognize this, we are no longer making anything or anyone more powerful than ourselves. We deepen our power to create and from that place, we co-create magic with each other. We connect. We let down our barriers of who’s right and we step into love.

Now that we’ve acknowledged the fear and invited ourselves to be a more conscious creator of our reality, next up is to:


Take a breath. Fill your whole body. See your belly rise and fall with that breath.

Do it again.

We’ve got to put some breath into our bodies and nervous system. Breath is the s-p-a-c-e for new possibilities and healing to emerge.
So for this moment, just breathe. You’re driving the car now, not fear.

If you​ experience anxiety, I get it. Breathing can feel impossible at times if our mind is racing and our heart is beating faster and faster… so place your hands on each shoulder like you’re giving yourself a hug and say, “Body, breathe. Breath, breathe my body. Body, breathe. Breath, breathe my body….” Allow your body to be breathed.

This alone starts shifting our vibration and our vibration is what we magnetize into reality.
If you’re thinking, “oh $h!t, I’ve spent so much time in fear that I’m a hopeless cause. NOPE, that’s not how it works. Don’t go to the past to attempt to create your future reality.

Breathe in THIS moment.

2. Vocalize out loud at least three things you’re grateful for.

If you want to write it down, write it. But say it out loud too. Let yourself hear what you’re grateful for. Take this from a mental internal exercise and fill that gratitude in your physical space. Hearing yourself out loud and feeling the vibration of your voice throughout your body is a great practice to believe and trust yourself even deeper.

3. Move your body.

I’ve been doing this fun workout called Body Groove and the instructor does this exercise about just wiggling your body – wiggle like a kid who is having the best time of their life! Wiggle, wiggle, you can’t do this wrong. Move that fear out and allow that gratitude to fill your body.

This also gets us out of our heads and into an embodiment of a new possibility.

Really, do this. Stop reading it and take 90 seconds and do these steps. 🥰​

4. Ask some questions.

Now that you’re in a different vibration, asking some questions will invite an entirely different awareness than before when fear was running the show.

Here are some questions that have helped me shift the vibration of fear to the vibration of love:
What is my next step to create greater today?
Sometimes this is to take a bubble bath, go for a walk, create a sales page, follow up with someone who’s interested in working with you, etc.)

What am I being asked to be aware of right now?
I’ve noticed that when I sense the fear and I just be with it in a peaceful state, it’s actually awareness to create more support for my business, have marketing systems in place, have an even stronger financial foundation, to continue to take care of my body as the vessel to facilitate my soul’s expression in this life…

Where can I invest my energy to support my body and business right now?

Coronavirus, what is it that you are here to teach us? What would you like me/us to know?

A friend reminded me that “the virus” is a living organism, and what if we can acknowledge it and contribute to it without taking it on in our bodies, homes, and communities? Are we willing to see it and make our reality of health, peace, and calm our reality?

Sweet body (talk to your body), what do you require right now to boost your immune system? What would feel good? What is nurturing for you? What do you require?

What is fun for me to engage in right now?
Having fun will continue to shift your vibration.

What is the gift in this?
All of it, go through everything that has you feeling uneasy and look for the gift.

5. Limit your social media and news

I’m not saying stick your head in the sand. I am inviting us all to stop with putting our attention on things that are designed to perpetuate fear.

Right now, I’m getting on Facebook long enough to engage with my groups and get out. When I want to find out updates to world events, I google it and look at reputable sources. Before engaging in the news, I breathe, expand my energy out and limit my time there.

Join Me for Group Meditations

​We’re soulful business owners, it’s never been “business as usual” for us. ​

When I was asking the question of what can I do to create greater, I had this visual of people around the world joining in a group meditation to simply breathe in love into our nervous systems and into our environment and the planet. If you’d like to join me in these free meditations I’m hosting, here are the details:

Wednesday, March 11 at 2 pm Mountain time | Check your time zone here

Thursday, March 12 at 1 pm Mountain time | Check your time zone here

Friday, March 13 at 12 pm Mountain time | Check your time zone here​​

That’s where I’ll be at those times so why not do this together?

Each one will be about 15 minutes and my intention is to spark a global energy of peace within us so we can create peace outside of us as well. Even if this 15-minute break is to focus on what you DO want vs what you don’t want.

I’m going to be doing them as a Facebook live on my business page so there is no opt-in required and then they are available if you want to come back to them at a later time.

Until tomorrow, b-r-e-a-t-h-e and know that you are deeply loved.

Head Up & Heart Open,