Happy Soulful Sunday!

Where have you believed you were wrong if you did things out of the box or differently than what experts or gurus told you?

Where have you tricked yourself into staying in something because it was the right thing to do and you told yourself it would be out of integrity to change your mind?

Are those beliefs supporting and growing your success or are those beliefs diminishing your self trust?

These are the questions I’ve been recently diving into as I choose more ease and magic in my business vs hustling and “working hard” to prove that I’m a hard worker. I’m inviting those of you who are interested on the journey with me (for free).

I’ve realized that the things that have worked out the best in my life, are the times when I said to hell with status quo, the “formula” and the way everyone else did something…

Several years ago when my hubby Richard and I were just dating, we admitted that we liked each other a whole lot. Just before meeting Richard, I left an emotionally abusive relationship and while my heart was falling in love with Richard, my head kept me from really allowing myself to go there.

It was perfect because Richard was “never going to ‘really’ fall in love or do anything crazy like get married.”

We were two people falling in love with each other, but refusing to admit it or let ourselves fully sink into that reality.

About a decade ago for Valentine’s Day, we agreed to do something sweet but not too mushy for each other.  Since Richard has always loved goofy t-shirts, I found the perfect one and I bought it for my sweetie – it said “Cupid Rhymes with Stupid.”

He loved it. We laughed. He wore it while holding me tightly because clearly Cupid hadn’t done it’s magic in our relationship.

Here we are setting up our wedding at our friend’s backyard where Richard is wearing that beloved Cupid t-shirt. (this is over seven years ago)

cupid rhymes with stupid

We’ve broken all of the rules: we are fiercely independent. We are both from very conservative religious families and we dated for three years, then had a two-year engagement. We lived together for two years. We bought a house and lived in it for a year THEN got married. I got married the year I turned 30 (I was an old maid according to Utah standards). We chose not to have kids <gasp>!

We decided we would create our own rules that worked for us. I remember the questions and eye-brow raises from family and friends as this relationship developed because it didn’t fit their formula for successful relationships.

And we are deeply in love with each other. Couples and friends often ask us the secret to our marriage. There is no secret, you just can’t expect to follow all of the rules and have it be bliss. Be brave enough to choose your own rules.

With Valentine’s Day yesterday, I’ve been thinking a lot about how nontraditional my relationship with my sweetie is…

I realize that my entire life is this way – nontraditional and inventing new ways of doing things. I’m not a good rule follower.

I recently had a past mentor tell me that I didn’t want it bad enough: the success, the 7-figure dream, the “whatever.”

I’ve been told that before by other mentors I’ve paid thousands of dollars to. They are all right. I don’t want it bad enough and I think that is why I paid them – to  get me to realize that if “wanting it bad enough “means to work around the clock, sell programs I don’t love, sell programs to people who don’t really need what I have, fill events with anyone I can get into an event just to have a “sold out” room…I don’t want it bad enough.

Don’t mistake this for settling for mediocrity when your desire has exceeded your current reality.

Can you relate? I’m guessing you aren’t a rule follower either. And you have maybe even judged yourself because you didn’t want it bad enough either.

When did success as a coach mean creating a 7-figure business within four years? Or what ever the formula is that someone is selling?

Over the past two years, I’ve simplified my life and my business. I just went through another round of simplification.

There are times to hustle and push in business. And there are times to get quiet, change directions, listen, tune in and sit still. And damn, the courage to sit still when you see people you admire hustling their buns off is unsettling at times.

You can create success, even wild success, through force and “making things happen.” I’ve done it, I see lots of amazing people do it. My experience is that it’s short-lived and the price is heavy. It’s a very expensive way to use your resources (money, time, inspiration, ideas and energy).

I’m a recovering hustler who forced a lot of things into “success.” I now choose joy. Ease. Inspired action. FUN!

And that means sometimes when logic tells me to hustle, I trust my inner knowing and rest for the day and get ME right. Then like magic, I take the inspired action and things fall into place. Without the frenzy, without the drama, and without the worry.

You see, it can be easier to let other people tell you who you are and what you should do. It’s much harder to get quiet, LISTEN to yourself, and commit to YOU. To be integrity with YOU. To follow your heart.

If you are ready to choose YOU, create YOUR formula and to do create money with more ease, joy and inspired action, then watch out for something I’m announcing next week. It’s unlike anything I’ve done before. It’s not an expensive program. Or a series of hoops to jump through.

You can even access a big part of it for free.

Essentially I’m taking you on a journey with me – a journey into creating with more magic and joy instead of attempting to cram yourself into someone else’s formula of “wanting it bad enough.”

It’s a journey for people ready to be more courageous in choosing joy and magic.

couragetogetquietIn the meantime, get quiet and listen to yourself. You have a lot of wisdom that is ready to be heard, first by your own heart, then the world.

Believing in You,