Suzanne Evans is a mentor of mine and I love her no-nonsense approach to money and business. Check out her latest newsletter article:

Did You Pay Your Bill?

Dollar SignMoney commands respect.
Money deserves attention.
Money responds to love.

I love to talk about money. I particularly love to talk about the impact money can have on people, the planet, and change. Most of you are reading this because you want to make more money and you want to make a difference. Making a difference starts with your behavior. It launches from how you respect money. Money is energy and the greater respect you have, the more vibrant that energy returns to you. Prosperity is simple:

1) Honor commitments. When you agree to pay for a service, product, program, or item, follow through. Pay your bills on time if you expect others to pay you.

2) 100% responsibility. When “shit” happens, and it will, take 100% responsibility for your finances and communicate with people. People that show up and are willing will always work problems out.

3) Treat your business like a business. GMAC Mortgage, Ford Motor Credit, and Capital One do not let people dishonor their obligations — why would service providers? We certainly do not have to behave like Big Brother, but we could learn a few things about having policies and procedures about payments in our business.

4) Hold the space. My business requires people to meet their obligations and commitments. We always work with people that are willing and responsive, but if not we have standard operating procedures legally. We treat our business like a real business.

5) Pass your money on. Everyone talks about charitable giving, but I am talking about non-charitable. How much do you tip? Do you spread the wealth? Do you know that giving brings you more? (Even when it does NOT give you a tax break?)

6) Love your money. Watch it. Keep an eye on it. Make sure it has a house that takes care of it and brings more of it to you. Track your money and protect your money.

7) Don’t play dumb. Money likes smart people. It likes you to know where it is, how it behaves, and where it goes. The fastest way to go broke is to not know how your money is performing.

8) Do the hard stuff. Talk to clients and customers about their bills, what they owe, and hold the truth about money. When you shy away from money issues with your clients, you shy away from abundance.

Money is not the most important thing in the world, but touches everything that is. If you aren’t paying your bills or holding the space for your clients to pay theirs, you are out of money alignment.

Money commands respect.
Money deserves attention.
Money responds to love.

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