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Knowing my Human Design was a huge revelation for my business (and my life) so much so that I have every client discover their Human Design so I can support them even better. This is NOT about fitting yourself in a box. What this IS about is identifying your energy with more clarity so you can actualize your life and business with more ease and with fewer pitfalls.

During this training, Kris talked about how she can spot projectors easily when her friends have kids over to play. The projectors are the kids who are observing -checking things out. They may have the solution or idea, but until they are invited, they don’t know where there place is.

This hit home for me big-time. In fact, it brings tears to my eyes as I write this because as a kid, I always wondered what was wrong with me and why I couldn’t just go into a circle of kids and make things happen. So I had fewer friends, I had smaller circles than a lot of people. Even now, I know a lot of people, but my inner circle is small. It’s only been the last five years that I’ve seen how this is a gift, and not something that makes me weird.

Projectors “wait to be invited.” And then sometimes when we are invited, we say yes because it feels so good to be invited, rather than it’s something that truly aligns with our heart’s desires. If you are a projector, then hear this: your universal invitation is that you are on on the planet at this time, right now. That is your invitation.

AND, this impacts my marketing. My speaking strategy is not to go and apply to a bunch of places to speak. There is a big energetic component to it, as well as a strategy.

I’m bringing my Human Design expert and good friend Kris Prochaska to this free training to illuminate your strengths and shine the light on the shadows that can come with your design.

No opt-in, no-pitch – just value and contribution to you and your business.

*You will want to know your Human Design BEFORE this training. If you don’t know what your Human Design is, go here to get your free report:

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After listening to this training, one of the questions Kris and I got was can we co-teach something about Human Design and the Marketing Archetypes in a workshop. And yes, that is happening at IGNITE. Kris will be speaking and we will be co-teaching a session about marketing your business with your Archetype and Human Design as a clarity guide.

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