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Do you have a $39 story?

The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, CA

Chatting with a friend while in Santa Monica last week, she noticed that I’d bought a Huntley Hotel Hoodie. I choose to purchase commemorative things to mark huge aha-moments, or things that move me in some way. The Huntley is a pricey hotel in the area – pretty much the priciest. I chose to stay there for the event rather than be inconvenienced by staying at another in the area and it felt GOOD!

She told me that she “almost” bought a sweatshirt in Las Vegas, and regretted not getting it. Talking further, the trip was very meaningful for her, and that dang hoody just kind of spoke to her and she talked herself out of it, telling herself she didn’t really NEED it and besides it was $39.

$39 and she has regretted it for months now. It has become her story of lack of money in her life.

Another friend overheard us talking and said “I have a $39 story too!” She told us of a recent trip to a discount store, which in itself made her feel a little icky at first. Just a few years ago, her husband was making around $700,000 per year. She shopped at high-end stores and boutiques and bought whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, without a thought. Now the family income has been drastically reduced, and her buying habits have, too.

So, she walked into this store and the first thing she saw was a gorgeous leather purse – bright yellow with tassels. It was perfect, cheery, and $39. She put it on her shoulder and walked around the store with it for 45 minutes. As she walked around, she began to realize that she could find wonderful, beautiful things at stores other than the most exclusive Beverly Hills boutiques, too! Though her thoughts were shifting about the store, she still didn’t feel worthy of the purchase. She put it back before checking out, telling herself she didn’t NEED it.

It has become her $39 story.

I’m not suggesting that the hot red $150,000 Porsche 911 should be in your driveway tomorrow if that will hurt your family’s income in a dramatic way, but in most cases, $39 won’t prevent you from making your house payment.

Now don’t go all crazy on me here. If you make thousands of $39 purchases and still feel terrible about your life, that is not going to help. But if you are in a position to purchase an item that, relative to your financial situation won’t absolutely break the bank, and it is speaking to you on a level that might bring you some joy, don’t let $39 prevent you from feeling worthy, loved and special, even if it’s only for a little while.

It can become a symbol of lack or abundance – you decide.


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