My favorite spot in Washington DC is the Lincoln Memorial. To stand on the steps that face the reflection pond where on August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared his “I Have a Dream” movement brings me to tears every single time.

Angella with Changemaker Abraham LincolnThe larger-than-life statue of President Abraham Lincoln at the top of the stairs is so fitting since 100 years early Lincoln took action to abolish slavery.

On my recent trip to DC last weekend I reflected on one thing that really impacted me. What is a deeper and more authentic expression of my own movement?

I have admired Lincoln and Dr. King since as long as I can remember. I believe their soul’s work was to create a movement of equality and it has impacted me deeply.

During the challenges in my own business and life I often reflect on their strength and courage to continue with my movement of empowering women to remember their greatness. Entrepreneurship is my chosen vehicle to do that.

What is your movement?

Have you dared to say that your movement doesn’t matter?

Have you dared to say that YOU, just ONE person, can’t make a difference?

All it takes is ONE person to spark possibility and lives are changed.

Every moment starts with an idea. Infuse that idea with passion and action and you can create a community that rises together to impact more people.

This is exactly what your business does. Your business has a powerful cause behind it and that cause is YOU and everything important to you.

Every life experience you have contributes to your cause. Don’t discount the fact that every job, relationship, breakdown, breakthrough, idea, failure, or success generates something divine to pull you closer to your soul-inspired movement, which takes the form as your business.

Dr KingYour movement is just as important to Lincoln’s and Dr. King’s.

You have a message and to keep it a secret doesn’t serve you or the people you want to help.

Five Ways to Share Your Message to Get Clients:

1. Speak at other people’s events

2. Create your own live event or workshop

3. Host a Telesummit or be a guest on one

4. Host a teleclass or webinar

5. Strategy Sessions

Just like Lincoln, Dr. King or anyone you admire, think about how they enrolled people in their movement then follow these three steps to get clients from your movement.

Step #1: Teach – Share your vision with people. Teach people something they can do right now to make their life better.

Step #2: Let people know how this vision will make their life better and what they are missing if they don’t move forward.

Step #3: Let people know how to be a part of the vision. This is your offer. This can be a strategy session from teaching on stage or a virtual event (webinar or teleclass). Or from a strategy session, it is your offer of your product or program.

Just like the leaders I’m highlighting in this article, your message without a call to action is a temporary feel-good bandaid and doesn’t actually serve people.

Always remember to have a call to action.

Soul Vision Exercise Week #5:

Decide which of the top five opportunities above you are going to focus on for the next 30 days. Keep in mind that hosting your own event or speaking at someone else’s event takes longer than 30 days to plan and coordinate. For your own live event you need a minimum of 30 days for a workshop style or mini event with 10-20 people and that is if you have active email list and/or local social media presence.

I would recommend hosting your own webinar or teleclass to share your message. REMEMBER, your call to action is just as important as your message itself.

Pick a date, create the virtual event and have people opt in. You want people to opt in using their name and email address so you will need an opt in page also.

P.S. Watch for my announcement next week with my friend Kristin Thompson that will teach you how to turn your next event, speaking opportunity or sponsoring someone’s event into a 6-figure payday. It’s gonna be off the hook!