When I told my coach the name of my company, she rolled her eyes.

Soul Vision Business, Inc.

I knew I wanted to help people live their Soul Vision.

A Soul Vision is the thing that really lights you up. The thing that keeps you going when things are hard. The thing that pulls you forward to create a better world when the world seems bleak some days.

It took years to unwind the reaction of my coach at the time. I remember that feeling of questioning what was so inspired as if maybe my intuition was off.

Could I trust my intuition if this person I just paid five figures to is telling me that something I felt was so right, was basically not relevant and, “People don’t want to pay you for ‘soul.’ They will pay you to help them make money.”

(I didn’t work with this coach much longer after that.)

I have a video below about how our Soul Vision is part of how we change the world 👇.
(And we know there is a lot of change that is needed don’t we?)

But to my coach at the time, it was too soft. Not fierce enough. Not relevant to business.

I was so focused on being “coachable” that I didn’t know the difference between receiving input to inform my choice and flat-out betraying myself.

(This is why I insist on asking my clients questions and actually coaching them vs telling them what to do. The harm that is done from giving advice without consent can take years for people to unravel to get to trust themselves again.)

The ah-ha around my business name came to the surface recently in a mastermind I’m participating in.

A couple of months ago, I committed to working with a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) expert to do the inner and outer work necessary to create an anti-racist business and to create a truly inclusive and diverse community.

Our first exercise was to develop our core business values. I’ve done values work before, but this was different.

I realized that my desire to guide people to live their Soul Vision is who I’ve always been.

What’s your Soul Vision? What’s that thing that really lights you up?

Does it seem irrelevant in light of world events in injustice? Or in every-day life in the face of a pandemic and how we are navigating our current times?

Please hear this: your Soul Vision is relevant. And it has a direct impact on creating a more just and kind world.

So over a decade ago, I named my business. And with the expansion of my business that I’m currently creating, it’s not only totally relevant but it’s the guiding light on how to expand with all of my values expressed.

The full-circle moments are miraculous. When we realize that we were onto something and even if it took a few bumps along the way, we find our way back to ourselves.

In light of another shooting of a Black man in the United States, the continued conflict with political parties with the upcoming presidential election in November, and in this ongoing pandemic, I have had moments where I wonder if any of my work really matters.

I’ve had many clients ask me similar questions in the past few months as well.

Yes, it matters. It matters at the most minute level. It matters on a bigger level, too.

I truly believe that through our inner work and how that is expressed in our businesses, we create change in the world.

Can you really make a change? Watch below or on Instagram.

Next week, I’ll share with you the audacious goals that came out of this anti-racism work and the big breakthrough I had about being consistent in my own marketing.

In the meantime, find the joy. It’s the only way to sustain our life-changing work. It’s the only way to sustain ourselves on the days that the world is heavy.

Believing in You,

What I’m reading now:

How to Be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi

My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem

I love his approach to healing trauma and as I’ve been doing more of my own healing work and learning about how trauma impacts us all, I’m really excited to dive more into his work.


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