This is a moment of TRUTH and Radical Honesty.

Part 1: You never know when people will say yes.

Part 2: People will either choose IN and create their life, or they won’t. You can’t choose for them.

Once again, I’m reminded that you never know where you next client is going to come from.

This week, I’ve been delighted with people who have booked strategy sessions from seeing me speak several months ago, or seeing me on Facebook and downloading my Marketing Archetype™ training, or receiving value from how I engaged and gave value in a Facebook group.

Lesson: Keep showing up and BE you.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve also become highly aware that *MOST* people SAY they desire change, but they WAIT for it and never CHOOSE it or CREATE it.

(This is why I’m so dedicated to the work I do that shows people they CAN create anything they desire.)

My friends, you have to get tired of your own bullshit in order for things to change. If people aren’t willing to see a different possibility, you can do everything EXCEPT choose for a person.

The old-school way I was taught in sales is to “follow-up” with people until they either buy or flat-out tell you “no.” And if they say no, then your job is to overcome their objections #exhausting

Well, here’s the thing…

…if people don’t follow up with booking their session, or they show up late to their calls, or never reply to emails with the details of the information they requested, or give me the runaround about scheduling, I let them go.

I don’t chase people.
I don’t convince people.
I call out the bullshit excuses and stories.


I’ve been in that place where I had no idea how to invest in myself or my business because there was literally NO money in my bank account. I chose in and figured it out.

I’ve been that person who believes my own bullshit stories of lack, scarcity, and struggle.

I re-wrote my story and I don’t complain about my life anymore. I don’t allow myself to complain and I don’t hang around people who complain. I hang around people who are actively CREATING their life, not waiting for something to happen.

And yes, my circle of friends has gotten much smaller over the years.

Had the people in my life accepted my stories as truth, I highly doubt I would be where I am today.

As Truth Guides, sometimes our tough job is calling people on their bullshit and having clear boundaries. We must, however, call ourselves on our own bullshit. That moment of loving and radical honesty is the first step to changing what you previously thought was unchangeable.

If you truly trust the universe, would you ever need to chase people?